Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stock Tanks - I love these things!

O.k.... gardening in stock tanks is nothing new but I must say - they are one of my favorite things to plant flowers in! 
Why, well - when you live on a farm - you tend to have a few of these on hand - I seem to just keep digging them out of the barns.  Hubby just loves when I ask him if we can drill holes into another perfectly good tank ;-)
Secondly - there is lots and lots of room for plants to grow!  So many times people try to over plant containers and after  just a short while - well, honestly they look spent. This particular tank is located by our drive way.  It is filled with 10 tidal wave petunias, two sweet potato vines and I had a couple of canna bulbs in there as well.  It still looks this fresh and it is nearly September!
This tank is up by the road at the entry to our farm.  Just a few purple waves and some euphorbia make it easy to take care of - since I don't really like to carry water to it that often.
And one of our latest projects was to make a water feature out of a tank - this one we had to purchase actually.  But I did go digging in the barn for this cool old wagon wheel we had.  We simply attached it to the back of the tank, hung one of my watering cans on it and hooked up the pump.  Just took us about an hour to complete.  That's my kind of project - simple and quick!
And while we were getting it all hooked up - my son just couldn't stand it - he had to get in!  Who knows - maybe next we will have a stock tank swimming pool!  He'd love that and I love that smile!
Next up - my new desk - or should I say - New to Me!
Have a great week!


Stacey said...

Your flowers are still so pretty, Cathy! Ours are too in spite of the fact that it's 100+ degrees. :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your son looks so happy! :) Love all your gorgeous lush flowers! I am hoping to grow a vegetable garden in stock tanks next year.

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Oh Cathy. I LOVE THIS. Okay, not only do I want you to come decorate my home, now I want you to come landscape my yard!!! :-) And I'd like to dig in your barn! Smile! I love your stock tanks and definitely think when we start our landscape next spring I need to be thinking "stock tank"! Loved your pictures. Your son in the tank is darling... think I would've been right in there with him this weekend. We were HOT! - Dori -

Melinda said...

Your tanks look great and
your son is a cutie!

M : )

Betty Baker said...

Very enchanting farm.