Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm ready...

Yes, I'm ready...
I have so enjoyed my pretty yellow tulips the last few days.  Picked them up and the grocery and they jus' made my day along with the sunshine - which we had not seen around here in a loooooong time.

You can see the house is progressing - and look at those gorgeous blue skies - we just had a gorgeous weekend - but now it is raining again ;-(
Thought I'd let you in on a few selections we've made.  This is our stone which will be around the base of the house.  Actually this is the color but not the style.  We selected Sulphur Springs for the color (see the greens) and the style is actually called Southern Ledge but this is not it.  It has a more uneven look instead of a stacked look like this one.  We wanted something that looked old - like they would have used a long time ago.
You can see here - we selected a tan grout, green siding, classic white trim and a rich brown for the shutters as well as the roof (which will be stand and seam metal - we hope).
Actually there is a long story to this siding.  See, we fell in love with James Hardie siding in Heathered Moss.  But honestly - it costs lots and lots of pennies if ya know what I mean.  So we went on a frantic hunt to find just that color in a vinyl siding.  Many, many companies later - we finally found it - Cypress from Certainteed.  Each company we reviewed had a cypress color but none were the same.  I wanted a more yellow green instead of sage.  This picture shows the actual color better.  So I'm tickled we found it!

This week - the windows are going in and the front door.  So I'll give you a peek when they are in!
Have a happy week!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Slow as molasses...

...yep, that's right. My blogger picture upload is so sloooooooooooooooooooow - who has time to wait a half of a day for one picture. Sorry my blogging buddies - as soon as it'll let me - I'll share a bit with you!
Hope you have a splendid weekend!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another house update...

I don't mean to bog you down with "house" details but honestly, that's about all I know right now. I'm also really grateful to report that Shaun's dad got to come home from the hospital Wed. night and we are so thankful. He is doing so much better and that makes us all happy. So he wanted to see the progress on the house so I thought I'd share it with you all too. Hope you don't mind.
I think it is starting to look like a "farmhouse" and that is exactly what we wanted. You can see the front porch is being put on and the main construction of the house is about done except for building the garage and putting the roof on. We've had so much ice and snow that it has been to slick up there on the rafters- absolutely no need for someone to get hurt - it is not worth that.
An exciting addition this week was around back where there is going to be a small sun room with many windows. I can't wait to sit back there and watch it snow - but as for now - I wish the snow would just move on along.
A side view of the sun porch...
...and inside it.
This will be the view out the back. Snow is 'bout gone but it is still freezing....brrrrrr....

You can see the front porch coming along. I can jus' imagine sitting there on the porch swing. Hopefully there will be plenty of time for that - I sure hope so.
Now, honestly - I'm gonna go try and accomplish something - REALLY. It is a lil' project that I'm gonna share with you in a couple of days - Lord willing and the creek don't rise - hehe.
Have a beautiful week!

Monday, January 10, 2011


They are a happy fruit to me - cheerful, yummy
...and they remind me of summer. Which is a good thing because...
it still looks like this around here with more snow on the way.
I think I'll go and have an orange now and think of the sunny days ahead. And speaking of the days ahead - I hope they bring my Father-in-law home. He is much improved - after a tremendous scare. There are many of you local who have called and checked in, visited him and we so appreciate your thoughts and concern. And thanks to all of you for the heartfelt prayers. Please continue to remember him.
Have a beautiful, happy and hopefully sunny week!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Progress and a Present...

Happy New Year my friends. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you are looking forward to a bright and prosperous new year. Thank you all so much for sticking with me and giving me daily inspiration - I so appreciate it! I hope I make y'all as happy as you make me. Sharing is the joy of blogging for me.
So our 2011 has started off rather busy - we don't know any other way - do you? But here is a peek at what's happening here.
The house is coming along...
At the first of the week - it looked like this under 5 inches of snow. Our builders, poor guys, have either battled 20 degree temps, snow, or heavy rains since they started this project. They have been real troopers.

Some of the rafters are up...

Here is looking up part of the stairs...

The fireplace wall...

A few from the side...

Enough about the progress - now, lets talk about the "present". My sweet Father-in-law, Glen, who broke his leg a week ago and is still in the hospital and is battling cancer - well, he needs prayers. But regardless of his condition - he is always, ALWAYS thinking about others. He tells me "Cathy, I've got this old mantle overhead in the barn - I think you'd like it for the house." My reply "O.K. Pops, I'll come look at it." So he and Shaun got it down several days ago and set it up and yesterday when I went to feed - there it was!!! It was my FIL's great-grandparents! Isn't that awesome - well over a 100 years old and it is perfect - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I love the clean and simple lines - it will be just right for the farmhouse. Thank you Glen - I LOOOOve it!

And then before I ever knew about the one from Glen - I had already "gifted" myself with this one. Which I also love - but I will probably use this one in the guest bedroom or maybe in the foyer. Who knows - I'm just excited about them both!

And I'm not touching the paint on this one - it is a weathered gray-blue and it is also perfect just like it is.

Happy January, Happy Winter - Happy 2011!