Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cute Things from the Shop Today

Well, once again the snow was falling today, but it was beautiful. Large fluffy flakes that looked so peaceful but it was oh so cold - brrrrrrrrr. So, to keep us looking forward to brighter, sunny days ahead, I thought I'd show you some really cute "spring things" from the shop. You all know how I love aprons, so I just couldn't resist showing you the latest from Ms. Ada Mae. She made this precious apron that is absolutely perfect for your Easter dinner. Better yet, it is perfect for any day. So much detail and perfect workmanship! Now tell me, who wouldn't be happy wearing this apron? It lifts your spirits just looking at it.

Look at those cute bunny rabbits - just hopped in today! My fav - the one perched on top of that polka dot egg - OH HOW CUTE!!! You will soon find out how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE polka dots! I like to sprinkle them in everywhere I can.

Lastly, is the lime green wooden box. Handcrafted by my sweet friends, Wendell and Becky, it is the ideal place to nestle in some seasonal fixin's. This one is filled with happy chicks, some yummy carrots and a lil' flower for punch.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some things from the shop today. As always, it is an absolute joy to share the things that I love with each of you! Happy Day! Cathy Cobblestone

P.S. I'm going to try and get these pictures in the right place, but if I don't, please forgive me. I'm definitely still learning the ropes to this "blogging" thing. But I'm having loads of fun trying.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

EGGGGcellent Easter Tree

Well Easter is fast approaching this year - just about a month away - so I thought I'd show you a simple project that is fun, inexpensive and Oh So Cute to add a lil' touch of Easter Cheer to your home. One of the best parts about this wee tree is that it is a great project to do with the kidos. My lil' boy and I have flour from one end of the kitchen to the other, and wearing most of it I might add, but we are all smiles in the process.

My EGGGGcellent Easter tree is made from a recycled coffee can, a branch snipped off of our Bradford Pear tree ( don't tell Shaun ) and some lil' bunny and egg ornaments that I made over the course of a couple of days. I'd love to share some hints if you would like to try one of your own. Any Questions? Just e-mail me at or make a comment and I'll be right back in touch. Happy Easter!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sneak Peek

It has been a cold and icy day around the farm but it was one we all got to enjoy. Shaun, my hubby, got to stay at home today because his school was canceled (he's an agriculture teacher for those of you who don't know). So he and I, plus our lil' buddy Casen, worked and played some in the greenhouse today. We transplanted some dianthus and dracena and Shaun seeded nearly 20 new trays of flowers. We took our petunias off the heat mat and I thought I would just let you in on how small they start out. (Actually, these are about 3 weeks old!) In the picture that you see, there are around 2,000 itsy bitsy petunias - I just love watchin' them grow. But what really makes me happy is knowing what they will become - beautiful, vibrant, prolific bloomers that brighten up any day. I thought we might all could use a lil' sneak peek at the joy they will soon bring. Wishing you sunshine - Cathy Cobblestone

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Petunia - The Resident Rabbit

Hi chics and gents, I'm Petunia, the resident rabbit at Cobblestone Farms and I just thought I'd hop by and say hello on this sunny but chilly day. As you can see I'm decked out in my bibs today, my pretty pink apron and my trusty ole garden shirt. I've been working in the green house tending to all the seedlin's so I thought I'd give my feet a rest and kick off my yellow boots - well, wouldn't you know, I thought these would be much better for flowers than for my paws. So I'll keep you posted on my tulips new home (see them peekin' through). And by the way, if you would like an oh-so-cute rabbit for your yard, just hop on in. I've got a brother and you'll never guess what his name is - yep, that's right - Peter. Happy Day from Cathy Cobblestone and Miss Petunia.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A touch of Spring

I couldn't hardly wait to plant something, so I started a lil' pot of rye grass to tide me over until the sweet, happy pansies are ready. It is still oh so cold outside, but this will give me a touch of "instant spring" and brighten up my window seal.
Have fun potting your own - Choose your favorite lil' pot, maybe a pretty cracked tea cup (for drainage of course), a handful of potting soil, sprinkle the top with rye grass seed, lightly cover and oh, happy day when you see the first sight of spring green. Make sure it has ample light and water when needed. Happy Planting! Cathy Cobblestone