Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"What's In Store" Wednesday...

...oh my, I've been slacking - well, not really but I've been a tad bit preoccupied. See this weekend is our local "Art in the Alley" festival. A wonderful, fun, happy event put on by our incredible Arts Council. There will be live music of all kinds playing in the street, a chance for kids to paint their own ceramic tiles and a wonderful place to meet lots of talented artists. There are jewelry makers, blacksmiths, ceramic artists, painters, doll makers, children's clothes and apron designers - oh goodness and the list goes on. See, problem is - I go and set up - but I spend ALL my money shopping the booths around me - hehe. Gotta have a lil' fun!

Here is a snapshot from my lil' corner from last year's event...

...a couple of ladies shopping my booth...

Truth be known - I'm NO artist. I just like to put paint on about anything. I don't even consider myself talented enough to participate in this event but I'm so glad they let me.

So instead of making goodies for the store this week - I've been busy doing a few things for this special event. Here are just some cabinet doors I've painted - WHIMSICAL, of course - the only kind of painting I know how to do!!!

"It's a Beautiful Day" rooster... SOLD - THANKS BRENDA

..."Gentler Thymes" pitcher of flowers... SOLD - THANKS LUNA flowers of course...

...this one is actually already spoken for. This was a special order - I had never heard this statement before - but boy, is it true. Thanks Heather for trusting me with your lil' project. SOLD - THANKS HEATHER

...and of course, a lil' topiary... SOLD - THANKS JANET none other than a POLKA DOT pot!

If no one adopts my lil' projects this weekend - they will be available in the shop next week. Now, I've gotta get back to slinging paint!

If you are close enough to attend this weekends event - please do. There will be so much fun to be had - don't miss it.

Everybody have a splendid day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


...all those who serve and sacrifice so much to protect us and this great land. May we always remember with great appreciation the price that has been paid by so many.

"The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace." - Douglas MacArthur
Have a peaceful Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"What's In Store" Wednesday

Hi there - can't believe another "Wednesday" is here. Thought I'd share some simple lil' creations handmade by my oh-so-sweet "Papaw Ronald". He happened upon some old barn lumber - claimed it and these are just a few of the things he is turning it into. I think he does a great job to be in his late 70's and I admire him so much for the person he is and for the drive he has to keep on pluggin'. I've told y'all many times before - but I'll say it again - I'm so blessed to still have all four of my precious grandparents. I love 'em dearly.

This is a planter box filled with pretty flowers...

A sweet lil' bench perfect for a front porch...

And a great shelving piece - perfect for plants and pots or many other of your favorite treasures.

Everybody have a blessed day! Create something special.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"What's In Store Wednesday"...

...well------everything in bloom - of course.
These are just a few pics of all the wonderful color that I get to be surrounded with each day.
Hope you enjoy the show!
Happy Plantin' my friends!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

Have a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day weekend! May it be filled with happiness and joy and may you get to spend it with those you love.
Many blessings,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"What's In Store" Wednesday...

...well, today - a few handmade goodies. Some from my dear friend, Frannie, and some salt dough bugs - by me.

First, sweet Ms. Frannie's "dollies" as she calls them. I wish I could describe Frannie to you - but there are no words - simply because she is one of the kindest, sweetest, most talented, beautiful people I know who is so willing to share her laughter and love of life with everyone. And simply put - she's just way cool!!! Just imagine - wild hair - sometimes multi-colored - rarely brushed - long skirts, leggings, army boots, about three layers of shirts and huge jewelry - and a smile from ear to ear - well, that's Frannie.

And here are some of her sweet lil' creations that she brought to me today to put in the shop. I was so excited - she knows I like bright colors - so she dressed them "cheery".

Aren't they cute - all sittin' there together.

I think this is my favorite - 'cause she's all dressed in red, of course.

This might be Frannie in "mini me" fashion. That hair - well, it's just her - hehe
Actually - that hair is why I looooove this doll - 'cause it is actually made with yarn handmade by other dear friend, Luna. She makes gorgeous yarn at her farm!!!

This one is a lil' ray of sunshine...

And a couple more all nestled in. You can see some of Frannie's wonderful past creations by clicking on Sister's Mercy's Home... over in my favorites list - it's worth the trip.

And here are the bugs and bees - ladybugs and bumble bees that is.
You know that wonderful salt dough we are always using. Well, these were my latest creations with salt, flour and water and I thought I'd share them with you. I had actually made flowers too but I sold them before I got a picture - oops, sorry.

...Hanging from the branches...

....buzzin' 'round in the tree...

...and a lil' ladybug necklace on gingham ribbon.

I'm sorry that I've been gone for a few days. I'm "busy as a bee" this week with Mother's Day coming up so I appreciate you all being patient with me. After this week - maybe I'll be able to breathe again - and I'll get back on track.
Now, I'm back to addressing all my newsletters. Wish I could send you ALL one.

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping in!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Derby Weekend!

It's Derby Weekend here (The Kentucky Derby - greatest two minutes in sporting events)! Hope you are able to watch the excitement.

We will be busy at the greenhouse - everyone thinks it is "safe" to plant after Derby Day - meaning no more frost we hope.

So I hope everybody has a great weekend - get out and get your hands dirty!
Happy Planting!