Monday, August 31, 2009

I think I got a lot done today...

Well, Mondays are my day off - but I worked today anyway (which I always do) but it was wonderful because it was absolutely GORGEOUS. Mid 70's - the perfect breeze - lots of sunshine - I guess it gave me a big boost of energy. So here are a few of my projects - some finished - others on their way.
The "before" picture...
another "before" pic... a table I had in my garden which was on its last leg - here I had already begun to disassemble it - took the planks off the top - took the legs off - cut off the rotten ends...
...found some scrap wood and trim in the garage...
...put them all together - painted them black and...

... and there you have it - a great pair of candlesticks.

Next I sanded, primed and painted the two lil' tables which needed some serious TLC.

Like I always do - I distressed them ( so they would match me -hehe)

...and I put back on the pretty lil' old knobs.

Now the straight edge lumber is from the table top I destructed and the pickets are from an old fence that was at my parents house. I painted them with "pumpkin bar" paint and they will soon become signs like "pumpkins for sale" and whatever else I can think up.
Oh and yes - I also made and delivered 6 flowers arrangements today - watered about 1,600 plants and cleaned some windows!!!! I'd be in good shape if everyday could be like today but most days I start many projects but rarely finish any.

It was a great day - hope yours was as well!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"What's In Store" Wednesday...

Hey everybody, sorry I've been gone for a week but I've been under the weather - still am a bit - but I did feel like making a couple more bracelets - so that is a good sign. I've had my friends on "the hunt" for old typewriters and dear Tammy found 3 for me in jus' a matter of days. Now one was jus' in awful shape so it didn't bother me to take the keys off - however, this one is in perfect condition - so I haven't decided if I'll keep it for nostalgia sake or give it another use - we'll see.

This bracelet is very neutral and that's what I love about it - all in blacks and silver and that neat sepia tone color of the typewriter keys.

This one just happen to get the letter "B"...

...the semi-colon and Shift Key.

This one has an array of colors - I really mixed it up - a blue ceramic piece, a large rhinestone square, a metal flower and red, blue, silver and green buttons. With so many colors - it would match anything.
Plus it got the "R" key.
- $28
It's so much fun to make these - each one with its very own personality. Hope you enjoyed seeing them. Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's In Store Wednesday...

...a pretty lil' "window" cabinet. This sweet distressed cream cabinet was made by my dear friends, the Curry's, from an old window. It has four nice size shelves and it is actually placed on a planter box. This box can be used either to elevate the cabinet or to place on top as a planter. Or you could use the two pieces separately. I think they did a wonderful job - it is so charming.
This is one I'd keep if I had one more inch in my house to put it - but I don't think I can squeeze it in. I know it will find a happy home though. SOLD - THANKS SO MUCH BRENDA!
Hope you have a happy day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MMMMMM...Scalloped Peppers

Usually towards the end of summer - there is just an abundance of peppers in the garden - and this year is no exception. We stuff them, freeze them, put them on salads and well - make scalloped peppers. This is my mother-n-laws recipe - super simple and oh - so - good. Enjoy!
Any kind of peppers will do - I've used bell, banana, a couple of jalapenos and one I'm not even sure of the name.
Quarter them, clean out the centers and bring to a boil for about 10 minutes...
Place in a large casserole dish - cover with cheese - lots o' cheese ( I use Velveeta) - crackers or day old bread - top with butter - and fill with milk until you can see it on top.

Bake approx. an hour and a half at 350 until there is a pretty golden color on top and nice and bubbly.
Scalloped Peppers - they are sooooooo good!
Everybody have a great Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's In Store Wednesday?

Well, in the shop this week arrived some wonderful smelling and oh-so-cute "initial" candles. The scent - Maple Toddy - and the look - perfect for gift giving!

a - b - C - D - e - f - g - well, you know how the song goes...

A super cute robin's egg blue "strawberry" apron crafted by my dear friend Ada Mae with sweet ric-rac and lil' yoyo's too.

And if you love that apron - aren't these the cutest canisters! I snatched them up at a sale because they were so fun and I adore those bright red lids. They would be the perfect addition to a country or cottage kitchen.

Just sharing with you a few things you'll find at Cobblestone this week - thanks for taking a peek.

Have a blessed Wednesday,
p.s. - I'm sorry but my e-mail is down again - if you need anything just leave me a comment and I'll get back with you. Sorry for the trouble.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Have I told you I LOOOOOOVE polka dots???

O.K. - I KNOW - a few times, right! Well, they just make me so happy ---
here are a few...
my lil' rooster and my new place mats... bench pillow... coffee cups (but I'm not a coffee drinker) - had to have 'em anyway... platter I personalized with my cricut... painted hallway door...

...all stacked up...

...tied on..

...glued on...

...if it sits still long enough - I'll tie ribbon on anything -
...polka dots and toile - does it get any better? No, don't think so!

Hope your day is happy too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Fresh Flower Friday....

...coming right up. Garden cart ready in about an hour for all my locals!
Sunflowers, zinnias, goldenrod, cosmos, limelight hydrangea, black-eyed Susan - well, it's all good.
Everybody have a beautiful Friday and a splendid weekend!