Monday, March 21, 2011

Breaking Ground...

 ...literally.  Shaun broke the garden this afternoon - and. I. love. it.  I so enjoy planting a garden and watching it grow from seedling to sprout to harvest time.  And I'm especially grateful for the land to have a garden
and good health to work in it.
I'm  looking very forward to delicious home grown veggies to eat and to can.  Can't wait to line up the pretty jars in my new "soon to be" pantry.

 As you can see - lil' man is right behind his daddy looking for fishing worms...
...and he sure found a few.
Since I last showed you - we now have a roof - a metal one in "burnished slate".  We are really happy with it and think it fits right in.  Siding goes on next week!
Hope you get to plant a garden this year!  What's your favorite thing to grow?  Mine - well, I must say Mr. Stripey tomatoes!  lOOOOOOOOOOve 'em

Happy Spring my friends!
Oh and P.S. - I'm having a lil' spring giveaway in just a couple of days - be sure you stop by to put your name in the hat.