Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trying to make it "home"..., don't get me wrong.  I'm loving our new house and I'm extremely grateful but I will admit, it is a lil' awkward feeling at times.  See, my old house - was that - OLD - and I loved that it had imperfections and dents and dings.  And I didn't care to put a nail in the wall and miss the stud and nail and nail again till I found it - anybody else done that? Plus there is just "built in" character with an older home. So here we are in our new house - and my hubby would just lay down and die if I didn't hit a stud - and I scratched the hardwood floor the other day and that wasn't good either.  So I've gotta get past it - the newness that is.  So as for now - I'm just looking for ways to bring things in that mean something to me or have a neat story.  So, today I thought I'd show you the table that again - my sweet Papaw, Ronald made me and a few of the things that surround it.

I moved that kettle momma got for me to the kitchen and placed it in front of that old print my dear friend, Kim gifted me.

 Tucked under this table is just a simple basket of blankets.
 One of the best things about this piece is that the top was an old door out of the cabin that my precious late, father-n-law gave me. I love the gray wood and making it into a table was a great way to use it I thought.
 The legs - just old 4X4 fence posts also graciously given to me by Robin.
 And there it is - a neat old table/island that has found it's home for now, in the kitchen. 
 A basket of bulbs - fake of course.
 And the perfect size lamp for a night light.
Just trying to incorporate the pieces that make it feel like "home".

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February and Valentine Salt Dough...

...It's February 1st and in Kentucky it feels like April 1st.  It is so warm here - can't say that we have even had a winter this year.  But none the less, it is still the month of Valentine's Day and my BIG birthday (o.k. - let jus' forget I even mentioned that) so I thought I'd re post something that I get e-mails about all the time - my salt dough ornaments.  Now, when I had the shop - I made them all the time - I haven't made any for a while - but they are fun - super easy - great crafting fun for kids - and make the perfect lil' gifts.  Use them for tie-ons for packages, make your own seasonal tree ornaments, sweet lil' necklaces for the classroom crush, well the list goes on and on. 

Just click HERE and you'll get all the instructions you need.

Happy Creating and Have Fun!