Monday, June 15, 2015

Please...Let's Catch Up...

 ...O.K. No excuses really - just a bit of a break from blogging.  But Honestly and Truthfully - I, like the rest of you...have had a really busy spring.

As you all know by now - I have been in the greenhouse business for nearly 20 years. Every year I try to mentally prepare myself for the rush that is to come but for some reason...I never quite prepare my mind or my body enough.  And the older I get - my, oh my, well, let's just say it gets a little harder with each passing year. 

But thankfully, we probably had the quickest greenhouse season ever.  It was so cold for so long and once it warmed up - it only took about a month and the greenhouse was completely empty.  Remember though, we start getting ready for greenhouse season at the end of January.  So it is a longer season than most realize...

...Each year I am amazed at the people who are so gracious and kind to support our local growers including those of us at Central Farmers.  We truly couldn't be more thankful for the support!

I've taught a couple of classes this spring also...I'm always happy to help out our amazing local library with their adult programs.

 ...Plus I was honored to teach a class for the wives of the KY Farm Bureau Board of Directors...we had a great day!

Oh, and I also had a wedding to work on too - I'm not sure when or how I squeezed that in working 6 days a week plus time on Sundays!

BUT...the most wonderful part about spring is watching my little boy who is turning into a young man play the game that he loves!  I'm so proud of him and it is just hard to believe that this is his last year for little league.  Oh how I will miss summers at the ball park!

But we have a few more weeks of All-Stars and I'm gonna enjoy them and treasure those times together with him!

 I hope everyone is doing well out there and I thank you for continuing to stop by.  I've got a wonderful recipe for Strawberry Bread to share with won't want to miss it!

Happy Summer Friends!