Monday, January 20, 2014

A Touch of Winter nestled in Indoor Plants...

O.K. I know it is winter - I mean it IS January BUT my oh my - today was BEEE-U-tiful!
Nearly 50 degrees and super sunny in Kentucky - but tonight - guess what - it is suppose to snow.  Wow, what a difference a few hours can make!
But I enjoyed replanting some of my indoor house plants today...outside in the sunshine.
This morning my big ceramic pot (yard sale find for $4.00) was filled with what was left of my amaryllis.  Nestled around them was a bunch of pine cones and some feathers (more on that in a minute).
I couldn't stand it - I had to do something different - sooooo, I took out the bulbs.
I gathered some plants that I had inside that needed attention.
The one in most need of attention was my Peace Lily.  It was terribly root bound and needed to be divided.  I must say I was a lil' hard on it with the knife but it'll rebound fine.  If you'd like all the "how-to" information on care, maintenance and dividing the Peace Lily check Pro Plants for some great info.  This plant is about as low maintenance as it gets.
Along side my Peace Lily, I replanted an arrowhead vine and ivy,  both of which were part of a gorgeous Christmas planter I received this year.  I then topped the soil with moss.
Next I nestled in the pine cones to remind me that it is still winter no matter what the temp. says.
These beautiful feathers were also tucked in that delightful Christmas basket I received from my friend, Pam.  Of course, they are from her flock of fine feathered friends.  It was truly a beautiful gift.
And there you have it - a fresh new planter - filled with the hope of spring as well as the natural beauty of winter time. 
I took some of the remaining Peace Lily and placed it in my pretty blue crock...
...And another few pieces found their new home in an old milk bottle.  Actually the Peace Lily roots thrive just fine tucked in water.
I'm dreaming of spring today!
Happy Sunshiney Day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Easy, Breezy, Fun Tablerunner...

Happy Weekend Friends! 
I've got an easy one for you today!
I'm 99.999999% certain this has been done before BUT here's mine anyway.
A simple piece of 1 X 10 board cut to length
Chalkboard Paint
That's it!

My Mother-n-law's birthday was this week and I needed a quick something for the table.  She was coming out to eat dinner with us and I wanted to make it a little personal.

I thought this simple idea would do the trick.  I've had this board painted for a while but had never used it quite like this.

It's about as simple as you can get - but it's sweet when.... can personalize it to say exactly what you wanted! 

Happy Birthday MeMe!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Guest Bedroom...My "Happy" Room...

Well, its everybody needs a room that lifts your spirits and makes you happy.  The room in our house that I think is cheerful and makes me smile is our guest bedroom.  I had never had the opportunity to have a guest bedroom before we built this house so I was excited about getting to have one.  See I have this wishy-washy thing going on with "my style".  I love so many different things that it is hard for me to commit to just one particular style so guess what - I'm not gonna commit.  I don't have to, do I?
So let's look around the "cottage-y" style bedroom.  As with every other room in our house - it is a work in progress - like... needs curtains, the bedside table needs a drawer, I need to hide the cord, etc....etc..
My Happy Room...
The left bedside table is a piece made for me by my dear late friend, Mr. Curry.  It was perfect for my quilts. A bench that I had at the old house and the print above - a gift from my sweet friend, Kim.  Behind the cabinet is an old screen door just propped up against the wall.  I'm gonna make a banner for it soon I think.
Treasured quilts from family.
On top of this piece is a red lamp from IKEA, a bunch of flowers tucked in a bucket and some pictures of all the boys - one is mine - the other three are my nephews.
I've told you all before that I love paint by number - especially when it has a barn in it!  $7.00 - SCORE!  A simple wooden chair I painted blue sits beneath it.
The bedding is just pieces from here and there - I don't really like "matchy-matchy" bedding - just layers.  The comforter at the bottom is from K-Mart.  Hanging above the bed is an old window with the metal letters reading "good night".
Since there is no closet in this room - I opted for this armoire.  It functions just fine for overnighters.
And the piece at the end of the bed is a Swedish blanket chest - or at least that is what they told me at the antique store.  I must confess... my knowledge of "antiques" is limited - so I pretty much believe whatever they tell me.  Oh my, that could get me in big trouble one of these days. 
Hopefully I'll find the perfect curtain fabric some day- still looking. Oh and yes, that rug at the foot of the bed was a clearance rug for $20.00 from IKEA.
And that's it - my happy room!
I want to say to those of you that comment - thank you.  I have tried and tried to find the "reply" button - but I believe my template does not offer that option.  Just know that I really do appreciate it - especially my faithfuls, like Nana Diana, Melanie, Stacey and Dori and so many more! 
Have a happy and blessed week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Christmas Kitchen - 2 WEEKS LATE!

O.K. I know, I know - Christmas was 2 weeks ago - I'm sorry.  Life got crazy busy - you know how it is.  BUT, I saw my friend Millie yesterday and she fussed at me (not really) because I didn't post pictures like I said I would.  So this is for you Millie!
All the Christmas has been put away now and I'm working on spring projects - but I did enjoy my Christmas kitchen this year and all the people I got to share it with, so here it goes....
I put our family ornaments on the tree in the kitchen this year...
I just added a few pops of red here and there...
My Christmas hutch...
My little Christmas houses my mom gave me.  Scattered about you'll see a few tags hung on things.  These were just tidbits of information about my decorations so that when the people came through for Open House - they would understand the importance of those decorations.
A simple wreath...
One corner cabinet - sorry it's dark - I'm learning how to take better pictures! 
Another corner cabinet with all the pitchers that I love...
In front of the window - a little tree with handmade dough ornaments.  I nestled the trunk of this tree in an old flour sack that I had.
Simple packages, nuts and candy canes finish it off.  
My lil' carolers under glass...
The mantle in the kitchen with my carolers my grandmother made for me. 
The barn doors got a simple snowflake...
And that's it...
Now all the Christmas is down and it feels clean and simple again.  
Thanks for tolerating my procrastination with posting! 
Happy brrrrr.... Winter!