Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm getting SUPER excited...

about the little details in our new farmhouse.  We are not in yet but we are getting close - I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wanted to share with you some of the things that make me just smile from ear to ear.  Like this sink - we rescued it from a tear down in our local town - hubby hauled it home and then hauled it back out of town for it to be refinished - it was sooooo worth it even if our backs were broke!!!!  Lots to do around it still but YEAAAAAH - I love it!!!!
Here is my lil' mirror I found at a yard sale - I've had it for years -knowing it would have the perfect home someday.  I distressed it and it has found it's space in our half bath!  Gosh - I love it when things come together! 
 Our super talented trim man - Mr. Andy - who probably hates to see me coming 'cause I'm always having a "thought" - Jus' kiddin' - he has been AWESOME to work with.  Anyway, we wanted barn doors - we gave him a picture and look here - just what we wanted.  Now I have to get busy with a paint brush - distressing those will be a day's work alone. Thanks Andy - we are so happy with them!
 I'm also beyond giddy with my new pantry shelves and school house style light.  I've never had the room to get to my canned goods easily - without dislocating my shoulder digging in the back of the cabinets - y'all know what I mean.  But not anymore - now they'll be all lined up nice and neat - at least for a lil' while anyway ;-)
 And now we are back - to what made me the happiest today - and that is seeing my sink again.  Greg is working his magic on my cabinets - but till then I'll just sit and stare at the sink.  See - I couldn't stand it till I put my lil' greenery pots up there - I think I'm gonna love doing laundry in there - if that is even possible. 
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things that put a smile on my face today.  I hope you had a beautiful day as well!