Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you all remember...

...those .99 cent cabinet doors I was working with a while back?
Well, here is my latest project with them...

This is how they started - kind of drab brown...

...this was my first project with them - my house number sign...

This go around I painted the frame - took out the woven insert and covered the back in old book pages. Then I used my handy dandy cricut to cut out this chandelier...

...and this one got the ole' fork and spoon treatment.

...a few buttons to cover the knob holes and we are good to go.
-Instant Art-
Project - simple, fun, inexpensive and the possibilities are endless.
Happy Creating my friends,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh my - I've had no time for projects lately - much less anything for myself - but I squeezed in a 30 minute, FREE pillow project. Just 'cause I needed to do a lil' something to lift my spirits - ya know what I mean?
Here we go...
Some free burlap -given to me by a friend who thought I'd do something with it - I love friends like that - don't you?

I quickly free handed a whimsical peacock feather on it - dried almost instantly. Be sure and put some cardboard behind it - paint will bleed through easily.

I added a few buttons out of my endless supply of button jars...

Stitched it up, stuffed it with stuffing from an old pillow that needed tossing and simply pulled on the ends of the threads to fray the edges.
Now, if there was jus' time to "Rest".

Everybody have a great Wednesday!