Saturday, February 26, 2011


...these days numbers are here, there and everywhere.  From furniture to wall art - they are simply "in".  So this week at my mos' fav' farm supply store - I snatched up these great metal numbers.  Now, are you ready for me to tell you what they are for?
 They are cattle tags.  Now these are not like the most commonly used tags - which are plastic ear tags.  These are heavy, thick, metal ones that look - well, totally cool, I think.
 So for just a few pennies... I brought them home and tied them on my baskets which I've been collecting for a while.  I THINK they are ole' racks out of freezers/refrigerators.  I think they are gonna look great in my new pantry filled with potatoes and the like - don't ya think they'll be cute all lined up in a row?
 I love this one 'cause it has a neat blue color to it.  I put some "project" fabric in it for now - but needless to say, the only project happening around here these days is "home building".
 The previous numbers have no significant meaning but I'll let ya in on a lil' secret - shhhhhh - I'll be this many PLUS 10 tomorrow.  Yep...39... hard to believe.  But hey, age IS just a number, right?  And I'm grateful to have another Happy Birthday.
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

We have....

...drumroll please................................ WINDOWS - Yeah!  After a very loooooooong, freezing cold, extra wet, snowy white, frigid dead of winter - we have a lil' "closure" in the construction of our farmhouse.  Here you can see the windows in the sunroom - I love the light pouring in.
 Here is our view out one of the front windows - nothing like cows, barns, trees and grass - that is exactly what we wanted to see out our front door - peace and quiet. 
 And I'm super excited about my front door.  I have seen this style door on a lot of older homes - the real solid wood ones I'm sure - I believe my friend over at Bella Della has a great old door similar to this on her beautiful farmhouse.  But I just love it - it's fiberglass but I think it looks like a farmhouse and that is what we had hoped for. 
 Here it is from the inside looking out...BUT I need your help!  If you look back a couple of posts you'll see where I talked about our exterior color choices.  Now tell me what color you think this door ought to be.  It will be with browns, kind of a rich celery green color and stone.  Now, usually I have no problem with color - 'cause I love color and I think "heck, it is just paint" but I'm stumped.  So share with me if you have a great color in mind - who knows - If I pick your color - I'll send you a Cathy Cobblestone present. ;-)  
 And another big decision - is kitchen layout.  As you can see - right now - it is just a long rectangle - kind of looks like a bowling alley - but I've got some ideas.  Many of which have been inspired by YOU!
Hope you all had a blessed Monday - and please don't forget to tell me what you think about the color of my front door - I really need your help!

Have a happy day,

Happy Valentine's Day...

to you!!!
May your day be filled with happiness and love!