Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"What's In Store Wednesday"...

...a few more bracelets. In between ball tournaments, preparing for VBS, planting mums and gardening - I squeeeeezed in four more bracelets. Oh, and both of my sweet mamaws have been on the hunt for more goodies (jewels) and I have lot more to work with - sooo, there will be more in the coming weeks.

Remember, if you'd like one - jus' leave me a comment and I'll mail it to you. Prices include postage. Thank you so much for stopping by to take a peek ;-)

Aqua Blue Flower - $22 - about 7 1/2 inches SOLD - THANKS MS. EVELYN

-wanted to give you a close up of the flower on this one - it has a significant profile - it is accented with pink and pearl - so very pretty.

Purple Majesty - $25 - approximately 7 1/2 inches
-made from a sweet lil' purple enamel pin - accented with rhinestones and buttons - SOLD - THANKS BECKY

Ocean Blue II - $20 - about 7 1/2 inches - SOLD - Kelley from California- Thank you!

-this one is similar to last weeks Ocean Blue - just a tad different - very vintage looking

Green and Gold - $22 - approximately 7 inches - SOLD - THANKS STEPHANIE
-this bracelet actually has nine pieces on it - made of earth tones it has green and gold buttons with rhinestone triangles and a beautiful pair of yellow matching (former) earrings.

I just wanted to send a BIG SWEET HELLO to Kelley. She bought a bracelet last week and I got to talk to her on the phone this evening. What a great way to end the day - she was kind, gracious and an absolute joy to talk to! Thank you Kelley for all your kind words - many blessings to you.

And blessings to you all! Have a great Wednesday!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Have a Happy Weekend...

...Hope you all have a great one. These are some of our first veggies from the garden this year. Can't wait to prepare some fried squash and eggplant with some yummy garden tomatoes over fresh lettuce. I just think EVERYBODY ought to have a tomato plant, don't you agree? 'Cause there is simply nothing better than garden tomatoes - all kinds - yellow, red, striped, orange, heirloom and the list goes on. Hope you can enjoy some!

More bracelets coming next week!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"What's In Store Wednesday"...

...well, today it is a lil' bit of BLING. I told you all that I did a lil' creating while on vacation - well, this is it. Pieces of vintage jewelry, colorful buttons, broken pieces of china all put together for some sweet, one-of-a-kind pieces. Many of these things were given to me my grandmothers who both love searching for vintage jewelry and the other pieces were happened upon here and there.

The bracelets are about 7 to 7 1/2 inches long and either on a silver or gold background. Some bracelets have 7 larger pieces while the others have 9.

If anyone is interested - I'd be happy to ship them to you. Whoever is first to leave a comment indicating which one they like will receive their lil' treasure in the mailbox. Prices include shipping.

Ocean blue - $20 - SOLD - THANKS TRACY

Pretty In Pink - $20 - SOLD - THANKS KELLEY

Lemon and Lime - $18 - SOLD - THANKS ELIZABETH

Blue Willow - $20 - SOLD - WITH LOVE MIMI

Green Cameo - $25 - SOLD - THANKS TAMMY

Red Glamour - $25 - SOLD - ENJOY ELIZABETH

Hope you enjoyed looking. Everybody have a blessed day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

We've been to the beach...

....and we had the best time. I missed you guys - sorry I've been gone for a couple of weeks but a lil' R&R was needed and I feel very blessed to have spent this time with my family.

Here Casen is doing what we did most evenings - building sand castles by the ocean. And then we would hunt sea shells and sand crab - lots of fun and laughs and wonderful memories made.

So now I feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to work. Actually, I did a lil' creating while I was there but you'll have to wait until "What's in Store Wednesday" to see. I'll give you a hint - it's BLING!

And we will be planting a couple thousand plants this week - yes, it's time to get those mums started - so we are back in full swing.

It's great to be home!

Many blessings,


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another lil' project...

Well, once upon a time - my friend bought this very whimsical lil' rooster painting from me - ya know, polka dots and all. Well one day she decided to bring it back so I could paint her bar stools to kind of match it - she said, "make them fun". So here we go.

Her inspiration piece - an old cabinet door I painted - you know - painted whimsical - since that is the only way I know how! I promise, there is no way I could paint a rooster to look like a "real" rooster - hehe

The problem chairs - before... all white

Here they are after priming, two coats of black paint and a lil' distressing.

And once again - those funky lil' polka dot roosters - you can't help but smile when you see those quirky lil' guys.

An to finish it off - jus' like the sign says...

"Thank you God for this beautiful day."

Hope you like them Pam - enjoy!

Everybody have a splendid day - Happy Creating!


Monday, June 8, 2009

What's In Your Window Box???

As the warmer weather creeps in - everything is starting to really flourish and bloom. I thought I'd share with you on this beautiful Monday some of my window boxes. Now, I've been meaning to add a few lil' things to mine - like maybe some honeysuckle vine or some old garden tools - but as usual - I'm a lil' behind. Any of you have any neat ideas of things to tuck in amongst the blooms? Please share if you do!

First off, I had to show you this pic- 'cause look who is looking out the window at me - yes, that's snowball - with his summer haircut!! Isn't he a cutie?

This red window box outside the dining room is filled with zinnias, angelonia, ivy geraniums, bacopa, spilanthus, marigolds and creeping Jenny.

Outside the kitchen window is lots of orange impatiens, some asparagus fern, ivy and king coleus - this is a spot that is completely shaded - so my choices for blooming flowers are slim.

This box is outside my lil' boys play ground. I put some "tough" flowers there 'cause he helps me take care of them. I stuck with orange this year - I usually use all reds and yellows - but I was just ready to mix it up a bit. Orange zinnias, french marigolds, gazania, artilery fern, and spilanthus (peek-a-boo) - that is the circular plant on the right.

This is what I see looking out my kitchen window - I've wanted a window box there for years but hubby wasn't to keen on me puttin' holes in the siding - took me a while to convince him - but that was my mother's day present. Truth is, he is enjoying it jus' as much as me.

Here is a lil' basket hanging outside the porch at the shop with some beautiful trailing verbena in it.

And last but not least - a barn wood window box from the shop- filled with kong coleus, impatiens, asparagus and artillery fern with an old rake nestled in.

oops, I almost forgot. This basket "window box" is on my back porch filled with ferns - it is actually one of my favorites.
So I'll ask you again (jus' like Captial One) hehe - "What's In Your Window Box?" - Please share with me - I'd love to see.

Everybody have a beautiful start to your week.
Many blessings,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wishing you "Thyme"...

...this weekend. TIME to spend with your family and friends - TIME to enjoy the simple gifts in life.
One of my dear friends lost her husband this weekend. I know that she loved him dearly and she was so grateful for their TIME together. He will be very missed by so many.
May we all cherish the TIME we have been blessed with.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"What's In Store" Wednesday...

Well, simply - Buckets O' Grass. Just a simple lil' thing for you today. There is something very sophisticated looking about grasses. Here I have jus' planted Blue Arrows Grass in tall french blue sap buckets, tied with some ivory grosgrain ribbon and there you have it - simple and elegant. They would be pretty on a porch, in a window seal or just standing alone.

Just like I always tell ya - "think outside the pot". A fun container really can make all the difference.

Happy Plantin'

Monday, June 1, 2009

It was a fabulous day!

Well, my friends - it was a beautiful weekend for our annual "Art in the Alley" festival. The weather was perfect - hundreds of people came out in support of the event - there was great food, wonderful music and lots of wonderful and beautiful goodies to gaze at. Just like I thought I would - I spent most of my earnings - oh, but I love my stuff.

My "welcome" shovel to greet my shoppers...

A peep looking down from my corner - this is actually at the end of the day when the crowd had started to thin out a bit..

But the most special part of my day was when I arrived at my booth Saturday morning - sitting there on one of my display pieces was this beautiful painting - of our barn. My dear, sweet friend, Becky, had painted this for me - I started to cry. It's exactly like it looks - she even has the hay fork in front of the barn, the hay ring on the side, and you can even see the track doors on the second barn. And of course, she painted our barn quilt - which I dearly love - just perfectly on there. Thank you so much Becky - I was so touched - it will hang proudly in our home forever.

And last but not least, my sweet husband come to help me load everything back on the truck - and somehow he secretly bought this beautiful red pitcher for me. It was handmade by Mr. Perry - a kind-hearted, spirted, and fun man who is so willing to share his love of spinning pottery - especially with the children.

I had spotted this piece earlier in the day - Shaun picked out the perfect gift for me - looks just like something I'd love - don't ya think?

It was the perfect ending to a fabulous day!

Everyone have a great start to your week!