Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A lil' "pick-me-up"...

...sometimes that is what I need when I start to take down all the Christmas decorations. You know how everything looks kinda of sad and lonely without all the pretty lights everywhere. So, I saw these sweet lil' lime green pots with healthy foliage at Wal-mart yesterday on clearance for $5.00. Just what I needed for a lil' "pick-me-up".
And it didn't hurt that my friend Janet brought me some yummy treats today called "putting on the ritz". Thanks for brightening my day!
Everybody have a blessed New Years!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Friends...

...may your Christmas be filled with many blessings. I'm wishing for you a joyful and peaceful time with your families.
God Bless and Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I miss blogging...

...but oh my, there are not enough hours in the day right now. I know everybody is feeling that way - I've been painting up a storm (hopefully a snow storm) - for the shop and for friends and for teacher gifts and for classmates - well, you know how it is. But I'm having lots of fun - wish I could share with each of you.
Jus' wanted to share this quick note - I think I shared this with you last year - but y'all forgive my repeat. All my handpainted glass ornaments I put in my polka dot boxes - it's a fun way to give them plus an easy way to store them from year to year. So if you have an ornament or any sweet gift and are in need of a fun way to dress it up - jus' paint your box. A few polka dots, a swirl or two and some pretty ribbon - simple grosgrain works great.
Cute, Simple, Handmade, Fun to give!
Happy baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating or whatever you have left to do!
Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas everybody!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


...when you least expect it - somebody jus' makes your day. I have been blessed in my life with many wonderful friends - who are all so very good to me. But a few weeks ago - a gift arrived - a beautiful gift but an unexpected one. Dear Tracy - with a touching story of her own - gave me this beautiful platter 'cause she said "It looked just like you". Well, she is right - and she knows me well - it is perfect in my home and I will cherish it always. Thank you Tracy!
"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa

Merry Christmas friends!
Have a beautiful day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My $4.00 wreaths....

...yes, you read that right. About three months ago - I happened to be shopping at a Goodwill and I was lucky enough to find 3 pre-lit wreaths for $4.00 each. They actually still had the "new" tags on them for $69.99. So out of a possible $210.00 - I spent a whole $12.00 - I LOVE GOODWILL!!!
Now, they are nothing too fancy - I jus' put on a lil' ribbon, some berries and ornaments and they add a lot of life to the walls. Next year when I have more time (that never happens) I'll do a lil' better with them - But for now, I'll just enjoy my bargains.
In the dining room...
In the den...

Over the bed...
You all have a wonderful day!