Monday, May 2, 2016

A Touch of the Blues...

No...I'm not sad...not singing the blues or feeling blue BUT I was longing for a little blue in our sun room.  

With all the beautiful cobalt blue floating around, I wanted to add a touch to our house.  So for under $50.00 I found all that I needed.

My first purchase was this cobalt blue and white geometric rug I found at the Peddlers Mall...still had the new tag on it.  That was kind of my jumping off point and it only cost $14.00.  I simply layered it over my existing rug.  I always keep the rug in my sun room because the sun has a tendency to fade out our hardwood floors. 
 Next, was a fun ceramic pot I found at our Rite-Aid store for 50% off - cost $7.00!  I had a birds nest fern that needed replanting so it worked out perfect for my plant.

And the last couple of pieces included a denim pillow picked up at Big Lots - $12.00.  I actually got it for someone else who I was helping with their home - BUT - I had to keep it - don't worry...she never missed it ;-)

My blue and white striped storage basket was purchased at Fred's.  Cost was $12.00.  It was perfect to drop my large artificial fern down in.

So that's it...nothing fancy...but it gave me just the pop of color I was looking for!

This is the busiest week of the year for me you know! 

Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's Day and Derby Day equals overload for this "Flower Lady"!

Have a great week Friends!