Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dried Wedding Flowers...

Another beautiful fall day here in Kentucky - BUT my thoughts are very much on the people facing the devastating weather on the Eastern Coast. 
A while back I was asked to make some dried floral arrangements for a wedding.  I have made many wedding bouquets over the years but never a "dried" one believe it or not.  This beautiful bride knew exactly what she wanted and armed with pictures from Pinterest - here is what we came up with.
Simple and rustic for her "harvest-style" wedding...
The boutonnieres were simply made up of preserved leaves, wheat, some centers from purple cone flower, caspia, a needle-like burgundy dyed greenery, a touch of burlap and all tied up with twine.
A few corsages for the MOTB, MIL and others were a lil' larger with some preserved lime-light hydrangea and golden yarrow mixed in.
And lastly for the beautiful bride, Jade, and her attendants - small handheld bunches of all the flowers tied with burlap and twine.
 A few pearl pins just for the bride - still she wanted nothing fancy...
Her attendants were the same just a bit smaller.
I wouldn't hesitate to use dried flowers again - they really did turn out pretty I think - especially for this time of year. 
Best wishes Jade and Andrew - hope you have a lifetime of happiness.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Lil' Fall at the Farmhouse...

I hope the weather is as delightful at your place as it has been here.  The days are simply perfect right now - 65 to 75 degrees - light breeze, plenty of sunshine - well, simply perfect.  Today while I was outside I snapped a few pictures of things that I'm loving right now. 
First things first - this GLORIOUS maple tree.  It is the tree I see when I wake up in the morning -  outside my bedroom window - it's over next to the cabin.
As you can see - we have started to landscape a bit - still no mulch and we are still missing two porch railings - but hey we are getting there.  I can't believe we've been here nearly a year and still have MUCH to do!
This picture gives you a better idea of where the cabin is located.  For those of you checking in for the first time - this was my late FIL's cabin - a place he dearly loved.  It is on the historical register - nearly 200 years old and has military significance.  I'll share all about it with you sometime.
My in-laws built on to it after restoring the main cabin.  You can see a small kitchen addition in the back.  A lot of great family memories have been made here.  Right now we roast lots of marshmallows around the fire pit - mmmmmm. 
Just past the cabin in the back is an old barn - a reeeeaaaally old barn.  It needs repair and we'll get to it someday but I still love the way it looks.
The barn quilt on this barn is called "Glitter, Glitter."
The sky was beautiful.
 Out my kitchen window - up on the hill - is the old chicken house and shed.  I love red barns, blue skies and green grass.
At the entry - I used an old stock tank we had to plant flowers in.
 It is filled with mums, sweet potato vine, plectranthus and ornamental millet, oh and a pumpkin of course.
Another washtub filled with ornamental cabbage and kale and Jade Princess Millet.
And if you aren't growing these ornamental beauties - you should!  Just sayin'
Have a Happy Fall Day!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Simple Cabinet - Before & After

Happy Beautiful Fall Saturday to you.  I told ya last time I'd share some pictures of a cabinet re-do with you so here we go.  I found this old hutch at a junk store - it had some flaws of course but I just loved it from the minute I saw it - it was one of those - "I don't know where it's going but I'm getting it anyway" kind of moments.
It was oak with this neat tongue and groove back.  Once upon a time it had doors but that's o.k.
 The first thing I did was use some paint from Lowe's called "Flood Tide" and dry brushed the inside of the cabinet.
 I truly debated leaving it in it's natural color but in the end - the creamy white won out.
A heavy distressing...
I had a roll of $1.00 wallpaper from a clearance bin that I used to line the drawers with.
 And here it is - Simply filled with some of my white pitchers and a touch of fall along with...
 ...these beautiful orange bowls my mom gave me.
 And I've already started to store a few napkins in the drawers.
 This is a shot of the kitchen right beside the cabinet as you'll see in the first picture...
 ...and I just love the way the colors blended together.
Hope you have a happy day!