Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not much craftin' - simply canning...

...my favorite veggie - half runner green beans...

...yummy blackberry jam...

...and freezing DEEEEEELISHious Bodacious sweet corn - mmm-mmm

There is no way I could have gotten all my garden stuff done without the wonderful help of my in-laws and my mom and dad. It simply just would not have happened - so THANK YOU my family for pitching in - yet again. I love you all!

Anybody else in the garden? What have you been working on?

Everybody have a great day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A pretty basket...

...filled with yummy veggies from the garden. I shared these with my some of my great VBS volunteers at church tonight - they snatched them up in a jiffy. I found this beautiful basket a few weeks back - I was gonna offer it up for adoption but I think I must hang on to it. It's jus' to pretty. I've never seen a basket like this - it's actually shaped like a grain scoop. Anybody else have one? Oh well, this one is a keeper I think!
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your sweet comments regarding Shaun's injury. He is improving each day - his spirits are great - all those "things to do" are getting done with some wonderful help from our friends and family - so things are looking up.
Thank you all again - your kind words were so uplifting.
Have a beautiful week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Changing Gears A Bit...

...'cause right now, I have to focus on this great guy, my husband, Shaun. Unfortunately he was hurt yesterday in a farm machinery accident seriously injuring his hand. Two hospitals and one great hand surgeon later - he is home and hopefully on his way to a full recovery. However, it is going to take quite some time to heal - but that's o.k. - we are so thankful - it could have been so much worse.
We are so appreciative to all those who have called and offered to help us - your kindness means so much. So we are gonna keep on plugging 'cause there is still much to do. So now he is on the sidelines giving me the instructions - we will see how that goes - hehe. There is hay to cut, pansies to be seeded, pumpkins to be fertilized, green beans to be picked, yards to be mowed - well, simply life goes on - especially on the farm.
My focus now is on his recovery and helping him "not worry" so much about everything else. So please bear with me if my posts are fewer and farther between - I know you'll understand.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers ahead of time. They mean so much.
"I am going your way, so let us go hand in hand. You help me and I'll help you. We shall not be here very long...so let us help one another while we may." - William Morris

Friday, July 10, 2009

my first "Fresh Flower Friday"...

Well, here is my lil' garden cart full of pretty blooms ready to brighten your day.

Go green and return the jar or keep it and pass the sunshine along.

Limelight hydrangeas, red zinnias, yarrow and denver daisy...

...pretty lil' sunflowers and orange zinnias

...my "honor system" jar.

Coming soon - buckets full of sunflowers and cosmos - probably about one more week and they will be ready!!
Everybody have a blessed weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Monday to you...

...I'm hoping you all have a great start to your week. The sun is shining beautifully this morning after a couple of days of rain - which I'm always grateful for the rain - helps to make the flowers grow. And speaking of flowers, this week I will begin my "Fresh Flower Friday". For all my locals, I will have fresh cut flowers available on Friday for you to take home for your enjoyment or simply brighten the day of someone else.
These are some of my fresh flowers from last year - not all of the blooms are ready jus' yet - but they will be soon.
The flower cart will set out next to the road under the big shady maple tree. The lil' bouquets will be in mason jars tied with pretty bows.
RTJ - "return the jar" - $5.00
TTJ - "take the jar" - $6.00
larger bouquets will vary
As always - Custom arrangements available upon request.
Also, if I'm not here there will be an "honor system"
jar for your "pennies"
I'm looking forward to sharing my flowers with you all - many blessings for a
bright sunshiney day!