Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Icicle Mushrooms...

Anybody that knows me - knows that I LOVE snow! 
I always have - it is peaceful to me. 
So a couple of Saturdays ago - we got our first "sleigh-riding" snow -  much better than just a skiff of snow which is what we usually get around here - plus it was warm enough to go outside and enjoy it - because lately we have been in a brrrrrrr....DEEP FREEZE.
As I was out - I ventured down to our cave and this is what I found...
Icicle Mushrooms - that's the name I'm giving them. 
See, the cave is right in behind our home.  The picnic table stays down there because it is beautiful in the summer, the water always trickling, plus it stays a cool 58 degrees.  So when it is super hot during garden time, we break beans and shuck corn right there at the table. 
Heck, right now - 58 degrees sounds like a heat wave!!!!
It's just a hop, skip and a jump down the hill from the cabin.
As the ice had dripped from the top of the cave - these beautiful little glass-like mushrooms were rising up from the rocks.
A few were on the rock ledges just inside the cave.
 I just thought they were simply beautiful.
If it weren't for one of our barn quilts, the old barn would have been nearly invisible that day...   
The cabin sat quietly...
But even in the peaceful "quite" of the snow, we had to have a lil' fun too.
Happy memories made that day!
Stay Warm, Have Fun and enjoy Happy Winter Days!