Monday, March 16, 2015

Meet Socks...

 ...This is the newest addition to the Murray Farms Herd - isn't he just a cutie?  Of course, what else could we have named him with white socks on his feet like this.

When I went for my walk this afternoon - I spotted them in the distance.  As I got closer, momma cow...well, she spotted me and she didn't really know what to think of me - so they hid.  I couldn't believe I got this picture - both of them taking a peek around the tree.

Socks was thoroughly enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we had today - just prancing around.

This was her first calf and just like with many heifers - she had trouble.  Fortunately, my farmer guy, keeps a very close eye on them. At his last check around midnight - he knew she was in need of some help - so thankfully, he was able to help deliver Socks safely.   I'm grateful he cares for his animals like he does. 

You can see this momma didn't let Socks get to far away from her - I think she is going to be a great momma for years to come.  

He's definitely a keeper!