Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We have BARN LIGHTS...

I have been MOST excited about getting our new barn lights put up on the house.  And yesterday I came home to a nice surprise.  All in all - we have 12 of these around the house - and I LOVE THEM - and it's a good thing I tell ya ;-)  I'm gonna have to love them for a loooooong time.

The porch has three pendant lights - and one gooseneck light by the front door - (please pardon our unpainted porch posts.)
 This one is to the left of the front door - which I painted WHITE by the way.  Can you believe it - after all that color searching - I just went with a classic white for my farmhouse door.
 Most of the lights are gooseneck - but the front porch did get these special pendants - a lil' industrial and a LOT "farmhousey" - y'all like my new word - but you follow me, don't ya?
Hope you like them as much as I do.  Of course they come from that wonderful company -

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lots of painting and trimming going on...

...and thankfully - we have been blessed with the best crew.  You know I have found out in this house building phase of our life - just how important somebody's "word" is.  Our friends, Andy Judd - from Judd's Painting and Trim, and his fantastic dad, brother David and friend, Chris - have made this part of the process absolutely painless.  And we are very thankful for their honesty, hard work and their talents.  Here is just a peek at some of their handiwork.

I shared with Andy what I wanted in the office - I came back that afternoon - and TADA - it was done.  It is a simple treatment done with 1X4's and paint.  The color at the top of the wall is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  Such a peaceful color - I looooooove it!
 Here are my doors I shared with you - I'm crazy about them - I think they look a lil' "old fashioned."
 This week Andy is working on the stairway - again - I just wanted something very simple - no frufru (is that even a word?) - Anyway, he understood what I meant.  Now, it is not finished yet - still has to be painted and just over look all those "drywall dust footprints".  Those treads give you an idea of the hardwood floor color - oh my - will I ever keep them clean? In my dreams, right.
 Here is the hallway coming off the garage - actually this is one side of the laundry room.  I've chose to put my beadboard up on the wall at a height of 6 ft - to protect those hallway walls from lil' handprints.  Actually this same treatment is used in all the bathrooms as well and that I dearly love.
 Now, this is one end of the kitchen/dining room area.  This is just a primer coat - it will be the same as the laundry room above - which is also a Sherwin Williams paint color called Rainwashed.  On the right side of that beam will be a faux tin ceiling - but let me ask you, what color do you think - white or silver?  I can't decide - all my fixtures are bronze.  Lucky for me - paint sprayers make quick work out of things - so they were kind enough to spray some furniture pieces for me as well.  All I'll have to do is sand and glaze - yeah!
Well, this is where we are.  I appreciate all the kind comments regarding the loss of my FIL.  We sure do miss him - he so wanted to see our home completed and it hard not sharing in the details with him.  But I know he is still happy for us and shining down on us.  After all - he gave us the valley where our future home sits - and we find a peace there like never before.

Have a happy week!