Monday, December 26, 2011

The Sunroom..

...and just like the rest of our new home - it is still very much a work in progress.  My husband wanted a more "neutral" palette in this room - and trust me - when I see people who use all the lights and neutrals - I truly am drawn to them but when it comes to my own home - I'm a color girl - I can't help it.  So needless to say - I'm having trouble with this room - it is just burlap and navy - aaaaahhhh where is my red???  Don't worry - I think you will see it soon.  But till then - we will browse around a bit.

Excuse the absense of presents - they have already been opened ;-(  I miss them already.  Another project - paint coffee table and end tables - they were hand - me - downs from my sweet mamaw, Ruby.  But they don't quite fit the way they are.
 In the other corner - a rustic ladder I had - a great place for my plethora of magazines - along with every drawer and basket in the house ;-)
 My husband was also quite sure he wanted a metal ceiling and I must admit - I was leery - afraid it was going to be toooooo shiny.  I felt more comfortable with some that had already rusted a bit - but oh no - he wouldn't go for that.  Anyway, I have ended up liking it a lot and so does everyone that sees it.  I must give him credit for this one. (Ignore the plastic on the clock - my ladder is not tall enough to get up there - I can't believe I haven't taken care of this yet - oh well, someday) 

 I love my lamps I found - bought one 1/2 price and got the other for  FREE - just had to tighten it up a tad.  The burlap shades are my favorite.  That cool wooden ball came from the peddlers mall - I loved it from the moment I spotted it.
 A couple of navy and white chairs flank each side of the entrance into the kitchen.  You'll also notice that the walls are simply made of 4X8 sheets of an exterior grade material that has a rustic barn wood look.
 My Christmas tree in this room was full of some natural elements as well as a little sparkle.  Again, I stayed with more of a neutral palette of  navy, browns, creams, silver and white.
 Pods, nests, snowflakes, birds, netting, burlap ribbon and traditional Christmas balls all found a home on the tree.

 You can see we are gonna have a great view out the back when we get the yard all fixed up in the spring.  Right now, I'm waiting on the first snowfall - I think it will be so peaceful and relaxing sitting in this room.
 And you remember from the previous post - you enter the sun room through our barn doors - sorry I just love talking about them. Now, only if I could get them painted.

Hope your Christmas was happy and that you made great memories with your family and friends.  Wishing you continued blessings for a happy new year!

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. - Hamilton Wright Mabie

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kitchen Post #4..."Where we eat"

Ok friends - we are down to our last new "kitchen post".  You know, ya gotta eat somewhere and right now - till I get it jus' right - it is here.  You can tell from the previous posts - there was no room to eat around the island - so everything is happening at this table.  It is a really old table with a fresh new coat of paint on it - but - I have got to distress it - it is looking just to bright - but not being in the house but a lil' bit over a month - it just hasn't happened yet - but it will.  Another must have -  new chairs - I'm currently looking for mix matched chairs - or at least new ones for the ends.  Maybe I'll paint these - and put two upholstered arm chairs on each end.  Oh well, just another project in the works.
 In this picture, you can see we still have plenty of room in between the table and island - so maybe I'll even look for a bigger table - I think I'd like that. 
 I'm enjoying our light fixture - it really does put off great light - and I've been painting lots of ornaments at that table so that is a good thing. Next year - I'll get around to hanging some fresh greenery from it.
 Just another angle...
 At the other end of the kitchen is our sliding barn doors - which we love.  I still haven't distressed them either but I will - someday - I promise. 
 I had to show you this picture that my dear friend, Kim, gave me.  She gave us two - both of which were her mothers.  We loved her momma, sweet Ms. Fannie, so much and Kim thought these would look just right in our farmhouse and I agree - we love them Kim.  Thank you. 
 One more pic...
Next I'll show you what's behind the barn doors - our sun room.  Which is turning out to be our favorite room in the house.

Hope you are enjoying all your Christmas gatherings - with friends and family.  What a beautiful and blessed time of year!

"When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things - not the great occasions - give off the greatest glow of happiness." - Bob Hope

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Kitchen Post #3...Over on the "left"...

O.k. friends - now we take a look over at the left side of our new kitchen.  This side is more utilitarian with the stove and refrigerator an all - but needless to say - I still like the way it turned out. 
 We have another matching corner cabinet on this side - these flank the double window which lets in a lot of great light.  I filled this side with more of my pitchers - most of them gifted to me by my sweet "mamaws" and a couple of older quilts.  "Quilts in the kitchen" you say - I know - I won't leave them there long but I love the pop of color they provided.  I also have a small tree sitting on the bench.  When it is not filled with "stuff" - it is great place for somebody to sit and watch the cattle graze out the window.
 We opted for a simple hood but I'm already thinking about how I might "tweak" it a bit.  I haven't been in here but a month and I'm already thinking about changing something - ;-) I can't help it - it is just me!
 Here is a good shot of those drawers I was mentioning in the previous post - I do love these - I've got all my kitchen appliance books in one and the other is still waiting for something to fill it - don't worry - it won't have to wait long.
 Here is my lil' scale that my precious momma bought for me - mainly - because it is one of my favorite colors even if it isn't accurate - obviously those cherries don't way 3 lbs. but it is still cute nonetheless.  I bought a tiny poinsettia to fill my # pot - I love these pots - I'm gonna have to get some more.
 Looking down the wall is the fridge - we are really enjoying our new Frigidaire appliances - I've never had a dishwasher or ice and water in the door before - so we are getting spoiled quickly!
 And at the very end of that wall is my old mantle that I bought many months ago - not having a clue where it would end up - but here is where it has landed for now.  I love the blue/gray color of it - so I didn't touch it.
 And on that mantle, my carolers - I talk about them every year - are they glamourous - no, are they fancy - no, are they perfect - no - but to me they mean so much - my mamaw, Cleo, made them for me and I wouldn't trade them for anything!  And that sweet picture - my lil' guy many years ago - but I just love that smile!
Have another fantastic week - and there are still more posts to come - like "where do we eat?"
Merry Christmas!