Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flowers...making people and ME happy!

As many of you know, I have grown flowers for a "living" for about 15 years.  For 12 years I had my own business and now I proudly work at Central Farmers Supply doing the same thing.  My husband made a comment the other day that really stuck with me - he said, "Isn't it nice to be able to do something where people are happy to see you and appreciate what you do?"  Well, he is so right... I am grateful that my work brings other people as well as myself...much joy. 
It makes me happy being the "flower lady". 
I was browsing through some of my old pictures and here are a few I enjoyed remembering.


Happy Planting Friends!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Happy Spring Friends - it has been slow getting here but I think it is here to stay....fingers crossed.  Even though it has been a tad early for flowers - I can hardly wait each year to hang my ferns - it is like INSTANT happiness. 
Nothing "warms" up a porch like greenery - and five ferns did the trick for our front porch.
Four hanging...
...and one sitting...
One even found it's way in to the sunroom - perched high on an old column.  It should thrive there with lots of great light.  It sure makes me smile each day.
Next up - FLOWERS!!!  They are finding their way into my window boxes next week - I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!
I wanted you all to take a peek over at Holly's blog - Down to Earth Style - she is amazing and her ideas never cease to amaze me.  It was ironic we both decided to post about our ferns but I learned a great trick when I stopped in for a visit with her.  We all struggle with hanging wreaths on our windows from time to time - you must hop over and check out her clever idea.
Happy Spring, Happy Planting, Happy Diggin' in the Dirt - just ...Happy Everything!!!!