Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've been tweaking...

...and my my, it was about time I got around to it. My poor laundry room - which is actually
the way everybody comes in to our home - was in sad need of a lil' TLC. Now, granted it wasn't quite as bad the first picture shows - I'd already removed the cabinet doors and there use to be a utility cabinet on the back wall - but that being said - it was not a very inviting entry.
I hope I've changed that! And nearly all of it was done with things special people have gifted to me. (except of course - that washer and dryer - which we broke down and purchased after ours kicked the bucket - but I LOOOOVE them.)
BEFORE... blah, blah, blah

Come on in - after all "Back Door Guests are Best".
A plain cabinet from Lowe's that was in my storage room - I painted it and added chalkboard paint to the doors - perfect place for all my lists!!!

My big pretty basket from my sweet mamaw, Ruby. It was handmade in the Rocky Mountains many, many years ago.

Of course, I had to add a whimsical rooster and you see my precious lil' man in the right of the picture.

My old light fixture - or at least I think it is.

An old window frame given to me by Geneva, my pretty lil' plates from my dear friend, Donna and one of my mamaw Cleo's, handmade T-towels with tatting.

I love my banner from Cherry over at Cherry's Jubilee...

And the beautiful painting of our barn and farm from sweet Becky - I'll treasure it forever.
You all remember that pretty hand thrown pitcher given to me by my hubby, Shaun - well, sits atop this lil' cabinet that he gave me when we first married 13 years ago. I painted it probably 10 years ago from white to red and added a couple of barns.

That's about it - oh yeh, my curtains I got at the Peddler's Mall and jus' had to cut them down a few inches. And I almost forgot - a painting of the "Flower Garden" quilt pattern I got from my nice neighbor, Jim.
So needless to say - it's far from fancy - but it's the things I love from the people I love.
And, you are welcome anytime!
Happy Tweaking!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Travelin' Chicks are coming to Cobblestone...

...this Saturday from 9-2 cst. This very talented group of ladies (proudly named the Travelin' Chicks) will have handmade candles, children's bows and sweet accessories, jewelry, and even some cookware. I wish I had pictures to share but I haven't seen all their wonderful wares jus' yet.
It will be a small lil' gathering but I'm sure they will have some great things to choose from. Do I dare say it.... yes, great gifts for Christmas. It is right upon us you know.
Come and join us if you can - we'd love to see you!
And to all my "far off" friends - I'll share pics with you later.
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I learned something new today...

...and needless to say, I've found a whole new appreciation for "rug hooking". Being a crafter myself, I understand the value of time but I have to admit I'm one of those who likes to see quick progress on a project. You know when I paint, the transformation happens pretty quick - I feel like I've accomplished something. Well, when I finish this lil' project I'll KNOW I've accomplished something.

I signed up for a "locker hooking" class at my local Extension office. I took the class last night after I got there a lil' late coming in on two wheels - ;-) We had loads of fun and had great instructors - sweet Ms. Linda and her daughter Audrey. But now let me tell ya something, it may be "easy" but it is time consuming. To put it in perspective - after being shown how - I didn't even make three rounds in nearly two hours on something the size of a potholder. So a rug for me - OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!

Linda, our teacher, had made a beautiful place mat - it took her 35 hours - 35 HOURS!!! That's nearly a work week. I think I'll stick to my lil' potholder and hopefully it will be done in time to sit something from Christmas dinner on it. And I'll be proud of it for sure!

Here is what I started with - 2 1/2 yards of torn fabric... rug canvas, a needle and some Cotton string.

This is how much I completed.
I so enjoyed the fellowship with others - we really did have a great time and hey, isn't that what it is all about anyway.
I'll show you my finished project - sometime! Oh yes, and it will be available for purchase for $1,000 -hehe
Oh- the value of time!
Happy Crafting!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cuttings from the garden turned into..

...a couple of quick, fun, easy and nearly free projects. Today some sweet ladies from an area garden club stopped by for a visit and we had a great time. Had some cider and yummy desserts and we made a couple of things using everything from my yard. So I thought I'd share a few pics with you. Now, I know many of you have seen projects similar to these but this was my simple take on a wreath and pumpkin topper. So.... here we go.
First let me say - Welcome gardeners and those of you who even say your thumb is "black". No "green" thumbs required for these projects. If you have got some scissors - jus' look around you - there are plenty of things to cut on.
First project - Pumpkin topper. Now there are a couple of ways to do this one. If you need a fresh arrangement to use for a dinner or decoration - this is so easy and literally was done in about five minutes. Soak oasis in water and attach to top of a sturdy pumpkin using skewers - and place a little moss around it.
Next, gather some cuttings from your yard (or your neighbors-hehe) I used some nandina berries, some lemon thread cypress cuttings, a few pieces off my mums, a wild marigold that had popped up voluntarily, a small gourd, some grasses and a bit of raffia.
Start filling in your flowers and foliage and in jus' a jiffy - you will have a simple but beautiful table arrangement.

If you need something to last a lil' longer - hot glue Styrofoam to the top and use dried or artificial flowers. At the end of the season - remove from the pumpkin and keep the topper to be attached to new pumpkin next year.

Next - you'll need some scissors, a lil' hot glue, wire, some pretty ribbon if you'd like and a wreath or honeysuckle vine.

These are my dried limelight hydrangeas I spray painted orange. Spray paint - it is jus' a wonderful thing. A lil' Indian corn....

...even some dried sunflowers I spray painted - some red, some yellow.

I simply tucked in some tops of corn for some height, wired the sunflowers on...

...tucked in some hydrangea, added the corn and some ribbon and it's done. No fuss, just easy and CHEAP!!! Remember though, this wreath would need to go in an area protected from direct sunlight and rain.

So never look at dried up flowers the same again - simply get some spray paint - and bring them back to life!
Happy creating!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Roll Call!!!

I've been slipping a lil' bit lately on replying to some of your sweet comments -so very sorry. I've had lots of new people visiting and I'd like to add you to my "Links I love" if you want me too. So here is your chance - leave me your addy and I'll sign you up!
Have a BEAUTIFUL fall weekend!
Blessings, Cathy

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And then there were none...

...mums that is. Yes, with the exception of a few still to be picked up - we are SOLD OUT!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you for another wonderful season. We hope you love your flowers as much as we love growing them.
Happy Friday everyone! Hope it is a blessed one!