Friday, July 22, 2011

Heaven seems a lil' sweeter... that our precious Poppa is there. 
My dear father-n-law passed away yesterday.  He was at home surrounded by all of us that loved him.  We've been looking  through many pictures today - all of them holding special memories - but none more special than the one above.  My son accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior on December 21, 2009 and my father-n-law, who was a Deacon, asked if he could baptize Casen.  Of course, we wanted him too.  At that time, Glen said,  "I have now seen both my children and all my grandchildren saved - if I left this world tomorrow - that would be o.k."  How lil' did we know that just a few days after Casen's baptism, Glen would be diagnosed with cancer.  He put up an incredible fight.  God did not choose to heal him on earth - but He sure has made him perfect in Heaven. 

We will so miss you Poppa - thank you for the example you set and for the love you shared.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm still here...

...I know it has been forever but I promise there is just reason for not being around much lately.  The house is still progressing - I had told y'all that I would let you all in on everything but boy oh boy - when things start happening - decisions have to be made in a jiffy, don't they?  So we are making decisions - left and right - and praying they are the right ones.  We recently got our garage doors installed - you know how little things happen when you are not at home to oversee everything - like when I ordered these doors without hardware but came home to nice "holes" in the doors.  So I suppose I better like the hardware.  Actually, I do like them, but plain would have been a lil' more in keeping with the house.  Oh well, a minor bump in the road.
 Porch railing is up - still have to place those decorative bands on the columns in the right place and they have yet to be painted but the porch is near finished none the less.
 My interior doors I dearly love - they remind me of the doors we have in our older home now - which is exactly what we wanted.  The trim is going up and I'll share pictures with you when the paint is on and you can see it.
 And of course, the dry wall is all finished and waiting for paint - yippeee - the fun part.
 But the main reason I've not been blogging is that every single spare minute we have - it is spent with my father-n-law.  Oh what a precious man he is - a good hearted, honest, gentle, life-loving, man of God.  I had mentioned to you all when we started building our home that he was battling cancer and what a fight he has put up.  He is now at home with hospice care and we are cherishing each moment we have with him.  We recently got to go to Florida with him which is where this picture was taken - sitting on the boat dock watching the boats come in with their daily catch. Fishing - absolutely one of the favorite things in his life. 
Remember our family as we all battle with our emotions.  And as difficult as this is  - we know God is good and He is in control and we trust in Him and his timing. 

May God bless you all and I wish you much happiness on this day.