Saturday, October 17, 2015

Looking Back...

It is no surprise that many days I really miss the lil' store I use to have...and other days...honestly, not so much.  But if ever a season brings my anxiety about it back to the is definitely the fall of the year.  I loved the fall growing season, I loved the long days of working outside in the crisp air, I loved the smell of my store (I can still recall it when I think of it), I loved growing and picking pumpkins and the beautiful colors of the mums, I loved my annual Fall Harvest celebration which brings me to the thing I miss the most...I loved "my people"...the ones that came from far and wide to visit my special lil' place.  It was small & nothing fancy...but it was loved and nurtured by me and many others.
  I'm so thankful I had it.  
Here are just a few pictures that take me back to an extremely busy yet very happy time. 

Happy Fall Friends...what a beautiful time of year!