Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have a Winner and a "Sneaky Peek"...

Well, y'all have waited long enough - I give you credit - you all are beyond patient with me - and I love ya for it!  But finally we have a winner for the Spring Giveaway and it is sweet Leisa.  My lil' man drew her name and I'll be sending her package out at the first of the week - So Congrats Leisa and thank you ALL for your kind words.
Now - a sneaky peek - "at what?" you say - well, you know that new job I mentioned - See - you can take the girl out of her greenhouse but not the greenhouse out of the girl.  This is my greenhouse away from home I guess you can say and I love it.
 The ribbon cutting on the greenhouse is this Friday - April 29th at 10:30 cst at Central Farmers Supply and I'm so excited.
 Plus anybody who has ever had a shoppe knows - once it is in your blood - you can't ever totally get it out of your system.  Thankfully - my new employers - who are my dear friends and long time supporters - have given me a chance to continue to share my love of  "stuff" with you.  Isn't that exciting!!!!  
 So here is a peek inside the lil' shoppe - it'll be all things garden.
 I will post more pics tomorrow night - 'cause y'all know me - I'm never ready till the very end - that's just me and I suppose that will never change!

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Time Giveaway...

...especially for one of YOU!  Yes, a lil' late on my giveaway but never fear - I'm still here.  Y'all forgive me for being M-I-A.  Between a new job ;-) (tell ya more 'bout that later), building a new house, getting one house ready to sell, ball practices - well, ya know - life is jus' a bit busy! 

But I did squeeze in some time to paint a sign for somebody special and I hope one of you will like it.  It'll be nice by your back door or maybe on your garden shed.
 I've also got you a cute necklace with a great saying - "DIG IN THE DIRT" - y'all know how I love to do that...
 ...and it has a sweet picture of garden tools on the back...
 ...and last but not least - those WAY COOL metal tags I showed you a couple of posts back.  Tags for - well... - for you to do with whatever you please. 
I simply wanted to share a lil' spring cheer with you.  I hope you'll enjoy tossing your name in for a chance to win - just leave me a comment and of course, follow me on my journey if you'd like.

I'm wishing you all a simply beautiful spring!


P.S. - I've got more "house pics" to show you next - we've gone green - well, the house has anyway!