Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have a Winner and a "Sneaky Peek"...

Well, y'all have waited long enough - I give you credit - you all are beyond patient with me - and I love ya for it!  But finally we have a winner for the Spring Giveaway and it is sweet Leisa.  My lil' man drew her name and I'll be sending her package out at the first of the week - So Congrats Leisa and thank you ALL for your kind words.
Now - a sneaky peek - "at what?" you say - well, you know that new job I mentioned - See - you can take the girl out of her greenhouse but not the greenhouse out of the girl.  This is my greenhouse away from home I guess you can say and I love it.
 The ribbon cutting on the greenhouse is this Friday - April 29th at 10:30 cst at Central Farmers Supply and I'm so excited.
 Plus anybody who has ever had a shoppe knows - once it is in your blood - you can't ever totally get it out of your system.  Thankfully - my new employers - who are my dear friends and long time supporters - have given me a chance to continue to share my love of  "stuff" with you.  Isn't that exciting!!!!  
 So here is a peek inside the lil' shoppe - it'll be all things garden.
 I will post more pics tomorrow night - 'cause y'all know me - I'm never ready till the very end - that's just me and I suppose that will never change!

Happy Wednesday!


Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes....I knew it..happy dance for you!!! Everything looks as great as always. Those bright folks know a great thing when they see it. Our flower shop hasn'e been open since Dc due to Dad's illness....doin it for 39 years..since I was's like I'm lost just ramblin around. As soon as he's back on his feet it'll business as usual.

tincanlily said...

That looks like a neat shoppe! Good luck with your new venture!

Melinda said...

Congratulations and have fun.


Sandie said...

Oh how wonderful! I was just wondering about you the other day while weeding around my "Cobblestone Mum". I wondered if you were sad about not working in your greenhouse. Hope everything is going great with your new home. Looking forward to new pics! Sandie in Alabama

Melanie said...

You get to work at the lovely place? Lucky you!

ME said...

Hey Cathy , you've got a great Greenhouse there! I'm also never absolutely ready for anything till the very end.
Go Green!
Find your grade in the green meter!

Carolyn said...

Everything looks as great as always. Good luck with your new venture!

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