Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Fav's - ZINNIAS

Since it is going to snow here again tomorrow (or so they say) I thought I'd give you another lil' peek at some beautiful flowers that will soon brighten up our days. We've been working on my favorites - Zinnias. If you ask me, they simply can not be beat - they're so vivid, tough as nails, love the sun, make the best cut flower arrangments, last forever, NEED I SAY MORE. Well, we have transplanted several hundred and it won't be long (let's hope) that we will all get to give them a rightful home - in our gardens. Just F.Y.I. - we grow many varieties of Zinnias in our cutting garden here at the farm but the kind we grow to sell are the "short stuff" variety - which is absolutely perfect for pretty pots, window boxes and borders. Give 'em the sun they love and you'll not be disappointed. Dreaming of Diggin' in the Dirt!!!! Cathy Cobblestone

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Ada Mae said...

I can't wait to get in the dirt. I love zinnias; they are so hardy and last a long time when cut and put in water. Hope you have lots to sell in all colors and sizes.