Monday, March 31, 2008

Easy Window Treatment

Just showing you a lil' tip for a super easy window treatment today. This small window is in our bathroom and I wanted to make it a lil' different. So I decided to go to the garage and get a 1X12 piece of wood and cut it to size. I made myself a simple pattern on a piece of cardboard for the curved front but you could also leave it straight or add some embellishment on the bottom. I simply spray painted it, sanded, and glazed it with some antiquing gel. I thought I would give it a personal touch and put our monogram on it - I'm kind of into that right now. I simply hemmed the bottom of a piece of material and stapled it to the inside of the box. At the bottom of the window for privacy is a pair of small bi fold shutters that were given to me by my dear friend, Vicki. Nothing a lil' spray paint couldn't fix and some whitewash. Here is a list of things you will need if you want to try this yourself - It's so easy!

*1X12 or smaller piece of pine
*Handsaw or jigsaw
*measuring tape
*"L" brackets for mounting
*Drill or screwdriver
*Paint of your choice
*Some pretty material
*Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread
*Staple Gun or Hot Glue Gun

This entire project was completed in about 2 hours and that included "watching the paint dry". Have fun "making your home your own"! Cathy Cobblestone


Connie said...

Dear Cathy,
I love your new bathroom window treatment. Very smart looking and a great way to stretch the budget. I like the large buffalo black and white plaid.

I would also like to coomment on how neat your curtains in the kitchen look - the finishing touches at the top and the way you took them all the way to the ceiling.

I like your neat chest of drawer you have in the kitchen too. I have that plaid at the bottom and love that material.

Everything I have seen of your home is my taste - you did an outstanding job. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Connie, Thank you so much for your very kind comments. I love to decorate my house - I just can't leave anything alone for very long. You were commenting on the curtains in the previous post - well I have to confess - they are store bought from JCPenney. $19.99 a panel - you can't even buy the material for that. I usually do make my own curtains but I did cheat on this one. You might want to go back a couple of pages on the posts and find some full length panel buffalo check curtains. They are my favorite. My house is little so by taking them all the way to the ceiling - it just makes the rooms look a lil' taller. Thanks again. I would e-mail you back but I couldn't connect. I hope you get this because I truly do appreciate your comments. Have a blessed day! Cathy

Maryjane said...

Cathy, I am just loving your blog! Great new pictures to! I LOVE your window covering that you made! I have always wanted to put some kind of windbox over my windows. Good for you! I got my new camera a couple days ago and I am having fun taking pictures. Waiting for hubbie to come home so he can show me how to down load them. Keep inspiring...See ya again soon! Maryjane Lee

Maryjane said...

Hi Cathy! It's me again! Just was looking at your store and your spring video! I LOVE your store! There are so many things in it that I love. You are doing such a nice job on your store and beautiful farm. The Lord has truly blessed you and yours! I will be back! Maryjane Lee

madrekarin said...

Your bathroom window is darling! I love black anyway, and that is just up my alley!
Your blog is such a joy to visit.