Saturday, January 14, 2017

First Project of 2017...

Happy 2017 Friends....hope you are off to a great start!  This is the month I just seem to kind of "chill" if you know what I mean.  It  seems like I just breathe a little more this time of year.  It gets dark early - so farm work has to stop, we eat supper at a decent hour if my young man is not playing in a basketball game.  I have always cherished the month of January simply because there seems to be a little down time.  

But with the start of the new year and cleaning up after the holidays....I am always ready to refresh something in my home.  So as just happens to be another piece for my kitchen.  Actually when I found this piece I had no idea where I would put it.  I moved it around a few times before I settled on this spot.  But I have to this was the perfect fit! And all those little cubbies could serve a purpose instead of just being dust collectors. she is in all her glorious "brownness".  I found this piece a couple of months ago at our area peddlers mall for $30.  Score!!!!  Now it was rough - just a simple handmade piece...but the lumber would have cost me more than that!

It actually had one more set of boards in the back...but I simply unscrewed one across the top and two down the sides to make it a bit more narrow.  I then cut off the support pieces with a reciprocating saw.  Took less than 5 minutes to do all that!  Now that is my kind of fix!

Worst part about it was trying to paint in all those nooks and crannies!  Serious. Hand. Cramps!  I painted in the corners and rolled on the rest.

After a couple of coats I did end up distressing it a bit (not shown here...oops).

Here you can see the sanding....Now....Just trying to decide what to fill it with.  I must confess....I love stuff but sometimes things like this make me nervous...just to much going on.  I see other people layer on top of layer and it is GORGEOUS but I must say it scares me a little.  I suppose I just don't like cleaning around it all...what about you?

I went to my pantry and pulled out a few cookbooks, my basket of potatoes, a little chicken feeder I had...

 ...bowls...baskets...some greenery...

 ...and that is about it!  Now on to the top.  I reused a chalkboard I had and my new blue buckets were a Christmas gift - I just love them...especially since they are from my mamaw Ruby!

Some greenery tucked in the buckets...
My scale with oranges...
A lamp for coziness...

...and that is about it.  Inexpensive, cute and functional....that sounds like the perfect blend to me!

And on that chalkboard is my favorite scripture.  A scripture we should all try to live by each day.  I know I am thankful for Forgiveness!

Have a blessed 2017 friends!
Create a little something that makes you smile!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Christmas Kitchen...

...Hi friends...hope this day finds you well!  My Christmas kitchen is ready for some holiday baking...but... even though my kitchen is ready....I'M NOT.  Oh my is sneaking up on us isn't it. 

I thought I would show you some bits and pieces of the kitchen.  I'm sure you have seen these things before but I love to show my kitchen 'cause it is easy to change up for the holidays.  Lots of shelves and nooks and crannies to display treasures that mean so much to me.  

Hope you enjoy your look around and when you get to your holiday baking....bake some cookies for me....please!

My Shelves...
 Red Enamelware from my mamaw, Cleo...
 ...and little houses gifted to me as a housewarming gift from my sweet momma.

 A little tree filled with ornaments made by me plus some sweet finds from my friend, Pam.

 This tree is tucked in an old flour sack that I had....just happened to be the perfect color for my kitchen.
 You all have seen these for years but they are one of my prized carolers handmade by my grandmother, Cleo.  Her hands are so crippled with arthritis now but she blessed us with her amazing talents for many years.  I treasure these.

 My hutch filled with platters and pitchers from yard sales and second hand stores....
 I was tickled to death when I found this snowy barn on fabric...already framed and everything - for just a few dollars.

 My pretty red pitcher made by a local potter and gifted to me by my husband.  I must say... I love him dearly but he is not really a gift buyer.  So when he brings me is extra special. 
 Of course, my little man who is not little anymore...

Hope your holiday home is warm and cozy and filled with things you love!

Merry CHRISTmas friends and may your days be very merry and bright!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's been 5 years....

YES....believe it or has been 5 years on this Halloween Day, since we moved in our house.  I really can't believe it but it seems like I always say that when it comes to just slips away so fast. I thought I would just share some simple, imperfect pictures with you today and you will see that we have been blessed with an amazing fall season here in central Kentucky.  It has been absolutely beautiful for weeks!

But before I just turn you loose with pictures...I will say this.  The older I get the more sentimental I become and I was already a "cry-er"... so that's scary.  I am extremely thankful for our house...but it would mean nothing to me without the people in it.  I am overwhelmed sometimes of the blessings in my life and I do not feel deserving of them.  But I am so thankful to God for my husband and my son and my entire family who make this place special. 

 I am beyond grateful for the love that is shared here, the memories that are made here and the time well spent with the ones I love.  That is what makes this house...our home.






Have a beautiful, happy and blessed week my friends!


Monday, September 26, 2016

My Fall Kitchen Mantel...

Well my is below 90 degrees here today!!!!!  It is finally going to feel like fall this week...temps in the mid 70's, a few leaves starting to fall, a little drizzle today but that is o.k.  We have been blessed with wonderful rainfall this summer but I tell has been sooooo hot for such a long time that most everyone around here is ready for a change of seasons.

So I told you I'd share my fall mantels with you and I thought we would start in the kitchen.  Now I know that I have told y'all many times over the years about these few areas in my house....but it seems that most of my decorating happens in these places.  So you all just pretend you have never seen it before....o.k.?  

This mantel is one I purchased at our local antique mall from some great pickers /friends of mine.  I just loved the color...weathered gray with a touch of blue.  I hung that window frame over it 5 years ago and it is still there because well...I like it and it makes a nice backdrop for wreaths, baskets or nothing for that matter!

My starting point was my white platter that I love plus a few other ceramic pieces that were given to me by my Momma. 

 I used some artificial gourds, some real pumpkins, lil' pots, antlers, hydrangea and dried okra from the garden.

I placed some of my dried gourds in the ceramic pieces and added some natural looking stems to the vase.

A sweet little light that stays on all the time and a touch of wheat warm up the spot.  

  I do love little Baby Boo pumpkins...

 My simple "FALL" banner that I use from year to year...

 My burlap covered chair with an orange pillow that I already my ever growing pillow stash.  I do believe I must have an addiction to pillows ;-)

This kind of gives you an idea how it plays into the den....and.... relation to the rest of the kitchen!. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
 I hope that you all have a wonderful "fall-ish" week! 
 Enjoy the cool down and God Bless You!