Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stock Tanks - I love these things!

O.k.... gardening in stock tanks is nothing new but I must say - they are one of my favorite things to plant flowers in! 
Why, well - when you live on a farm - you tend to have a few of these on hand - I seem to just keep digging them out of the barns.  Hubby just loves when I ask him if we can drill holes into another perfectly good tank ;-)
Secondly - there is lots and lots of room for plants to grow!  So many times people try to over plant containers and after  just a short while - well, honestly they look spent. This particular tank is located by our drive way.  It is filled with 10 tidal wave petunias, two sweet potato vines and I had a couple of canna bulbs in there as well.  It still looks this fresh and it is nearly September!
This tank is up by the road at the entry to our farm.  Just a few purple waves and some euphorbia make it easy to take care of - since I don't really like to carry water to it that often.
And one of our latest projects was to make a water feature out of a tank - this one we had to purchase actually.  But I did go digging in the barn for this cool old wagon wheel we had.  We simply attached it to the back of the tank, hung one of my watering cans on it and hooked up the pump.  Just took us about an hour to complete.  That's my kind of project - simple and quick!
And while we were getting it all hooked up - my son just couldn't stand it - he had to get in!  Who knows - maybe next we will have a stock tank swimming pool!  He'd love that and I love that smile!
Next up - my new desk - or should I say - New to Me!
Have a great week!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some People Dream of White Picket Fences...

...I always dreamed of window boxes. 
 Hi friends - it is great to be back.  Our family had a great summer - many baseball games, some vacation time, lots of gardening - it was a nice and needed break. 
Thought I'd share with you one of the little things that makes me happy around our house... very simple window boxes.  When I was a little girl I can remember drawing pictures of house "fronts" and every one I drew had window boxes with pretty flowers.  Well I'm all grown up now (over the hill actually ;-) and I still envision beautiful flower-filled boxes.
I used the same Allure "Tangerine" geraniums this year.  I had such great luck with them last year and I've just been hung up on orange for a while now! They are so bright and happy!
A little asparagus fern and some bacopa finish off the boxes!
 I hope your summer was fantastic!
Next up - my "stock tanks" - filled with flowers and a water feature.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flowers and Baseball...

Yes Friends, my life is consumed right now with...
 ...and more Flowers!
And when I'm not watering, deadheading, potting, fertilizing or....
...talking to people about flowers....
 (this is what I do for a living, for those of you that didn't know ;-)
....I'm watching my favorite young man swing that bat...
...and pitch that ball! 
I'm itching to get into projects but I just can't squeeze them in right now - but SOON - very SOON - I'll be back!
Happy Planting Friends!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It only takes a Sprig or two...

...of some beautiful Forsythia (real or fake)... make the warm days of spring seem ever so closer.
It snowed AGAIN today - but next Monday - 73 degrees!
Come on Spring!
Hope your Spring Spruce-up is well under way!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time for a "Spring Spruce-up"...

O.k. friends - Spring "officially" begins this week (never mind the sleet/snow that is falling right now)!
I'm ready for Baseball and Pansies and the smell of cut grass. 
I'm ready to open up the windows and let in the fresh air.
And I'm ready to change things up a bit in the house.
A little change always does me good!
So I'm gonna start with my entryway...seems like a good place to start!
I finally erased my "peace on earth" from my chalkboard...
I added my sweet egg wreath - kindly gifted to me by my dear friends at CFS.  I attached my lil' wooden polka dot bunny to the right side...
Time to get out the chalk...
I found this saying that reminded me of exactly what "spring" means.
I put my turquoise bunny in my glass greenhouse...
I added my grass and my burlap shaded lamp...
Kept my bargain rug and yard sale baskets as is and well...
there you have it...
My "welcome spring" entryway!
What are your "spring spruce-up" projects? - I'd love to know!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Papaw...

Hello friends, sorry I've been gone for a while. 
Just a few days shy of my 42nd birthday I lost my beloved Papaw Jodi. 
He was 88 years old.
Yes, I know - that is a wonderfully long life.
But... I will miss him terribly.
I have been so blessed to have had all FOUR of my grandparents for this long.
Each of them so very instrumental in my life as well as my son's life.
He has been loved tremendously by his great-grandparents - what a gift to have known and loved them like he has.
Alzheimer's overcame my Papaw's mind and after nearly a month of no sleep - his body just gave out.
He was a fighter and he never lost his spirit.
I'm certain that many of you have been affected by this terrible disease and I understand the heartache, the emotional, financial and physical toll it takes.  I totally admire my grandmother and my parents for the unending love and support they showered my grandfather with. 
I just ask that we all continue to remember and pray for those who are suffering from this heart-wrenching, debilitating disease as well as their amazing caregivers. 
Oh, what incredible strength they must have to endure this journey.
I love you Papaw - and I'm so thankful for the 42 years I got to love you back. 
May your precious mind and body rest peacefully in the presence of God.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Icicle Mushrooms...

Anybody that knows me - knows that I LOVE snow! 
I always have - it is peaceful to me. 
So a couple of Saturdays ago - we got our first "sleigh-riding" snow -  much better than just a skiff of snow which is what we usually get around here - plus it was warm enough to go outside and enjoy it - because lately we have been in a brrrrrrr....DEEP FREEZE.
As I was out - I ventured down to our cave and this is what I found...
Icicle Mushrooms - that's the name I'm giving them. 
See, the cave is right in behind our home.  The picnic table stays down there because it is beautiful in the summer, the water always trickling, plus it stays a cool 58 degrees.  So when it is super hot during garden time, we break beans and shuck corn right there at the table. 
Heck, right now - 58 degrees sounds like a heat wave!!!!
It's just a hop, skip and a jump down the hill from the cabin.
As the ice had dripped from the top of the cave - these beautiful little glass-like mushrooms were rising up from the rocks.
A few were on the rock ledges just inside the cave.
 I just thought they were simply beautiful.
If it weren't for one of our barn quilts, the old barn would have been nearly invisible that day...   
The cabin sat quietly...
But even in the peaceful "quite" of the snow, we had to have a lil' fun too.
Happy memories made that day!
Stay Warm, Have Fun and enjoy Happy Winter Days!