Monday, August 8, 2016

Mini Home Tour...Thank you Stacey...

Just a quick note to thank all of you who have been stopping by for a visit!  Stacey over at Poofing the Pillows was kind enough to feature our farmhouse in a mini home tour and I so appreciate  it!

I encourage you to visit her lovely blog and take a look around.
Thanks again Stacey!  

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fresh Cut and Country Style...

...Flowers that is!  

Now taking fresh cut flower orders!  I've been growing flowers for years - nearly 20 actually.  Nothing fancy...just the old time favorites that everyone loves.

They are simply lined up in rows near the garden...

My favorite color zinnia - Oriole

 All types of sunflowers...

There is also hydrangea, gomphrena, alternanthera, celosia, asparagus fern, variegated ivy and cosmos to add to the jars.

Grow Flowers - they make you and everyone you share them with...happy!

Hope your summer is going great! 


Thursday, June 30, 2016

I Found the Perfect Rug...update to last post!

Well.....since my last post about adding a touch of blue to my sun room...I happened upon the perfect rug.  Don't get me wrong....I love color....but I do have a hard time committing on bigger pieces.  The reason is I like to change quite a bit and well, honestly...rugs are expensive.  So when I invest in one I've got to love it and then it has to be "neutral enough" for me to use with lots of different things and colors.

So a couple of weeks back I was out on the road and stopped in a Tuesday Morning store and there it was - I loved the blue color and the pattern plus I thought it would go with about any color I'd pair with it in the future.  So....I bought it and I'm really happy with it! was really reasonable which made it that much better!

Happy 4th of July weekend Friends!


Monday, May 2, 2016

A Touch of the Blues...

No...I'm not sad...not singing the blues or feeling blue BUT I was longing for a little blue in our sun room.  

With all the beautiful cobalt blue floating around, I wanted to add a touch to our house.  So for under $50.00 I found all that I needed.

My first purchase was this cobalt blue and white geometric rug I found at the Peddlers Mall...still had the new tag on it.  That was kind of my jumping off point and it only cost $14.00.  I simply layered it over my existing rug.  I always keep the rug in my sun room because the sun has a tendency to fade out our hardwood floors. 
 Next, was a fun ceramic pot I found at our Rite-Aid store for 50% off - cost $7.00!  I had a birds nest fern that needed replanting so it worked out perfect for my plant.

And the last couple of pieces included a denim pillow picked up at Big Lots - $12.00.  I actually got it for someone else who I was helping with their home - BUT - I had to keep it - don't worry...she never missed it ;-)

My blue and white striped storage basket was purchased at Fred's.  Cost was $12.00.  It was perfect to drop my large artificial fern down in.

So that's it...nothing fancy...but it gave me just the pop of color I was looking for!

This is the busiest week of the year for me you know! 

Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's Day and Derby Day equals overload for this "Flower Lady"!

Have a great week Friends!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Making of our "Fixer Upper" inspired Miniature Garden...

 O.K.....let's face it...who isn't inspired by the incredible duo of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines?  Well the answer one.  They, with their amazing talent and joyful spirits, have simply inspired everyone!  I'm not a big TV watcher except for HGTV and of course my favorite show, along with the rest of the country is Fixer Upper! It's my Tuesday night date with the television plus all reruns of course!  

So since I have the wonderful pleasure of working in a greenhouse at Central Farmers Supply... Melissa, my good friend and partner in all things "dirt" decided to create a "Fixer Upper" miniature garden.  Inspired by Chip and Joanna's beautiful farm...we tried to incorporate elements that remind us all of a happy, peaceful place that anyone would love to call home.

 We started with an old galvanized wash tub that had the perfect patina for our mini garden (thanks Mrs. E) ...drilled in some holes to help with drainage...

Next, we turned over a pot to take up some space to save on soil plus it makes it not as heavy to move around...

...we added some quality potting mix...

We began to put together items that reminded us of Magnolia Farms...

...This was our "dry run"...

We planted the Pixie Plants in the garden first...our lil' garden only has a total of 6 plants...then we began to add in the Miniature Garden items...

Next we laid out our veggie garden and added the moss around some of the items we had placed...

We placed some plastic down for the walkways - this keeps the rocks from "sinking"...

We even planted small succulents in the mini pots...

Of course, we had to have a chicken coop and little rooster placed just to the left of the white farmhouse...

Just like at Magnolia Farms...a white arbor and chandelier - only thing missing from this is a farmhouse table and benches...we will have to work on that...

A cute little dog guards the mini greenhouse - now, if we could only grow Joanna's favorite pink roses in there...we'd be doing really good!

...Flower pots by the front door...

And their it is...even with its own windmill..

...Our Fixer Upper inspired miniature garden...we just love how it turned out...and the best part of it is...we get to share it with our customers each day and have lots of great conversations about how that show has made such a positive impression on so many people!

 So thank you Chip and Joanna....for sharing your talents, your family, your laughter and your beautiful home and farm with us all!  May God continue to bless you and your endeavors!  Looking forward to Season 4!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Time to Sow Rye Grass!

 Happy Spring everybody!  It has been beautiful here the past few days and one thing I love to do to start off the spring season is plant annual Rye grass.  Last year I planted a small chicken feeder that I have but this year...

 I brought out the big one...I was lucky enough to score this old feeder last fall and I've used it many different ways already!  I love it!

So, I've shared with you all how to do this the last couple of years...but here is a refresher in case you missed it....but don't worry....this is easy breezy!

Start with some annual Rye grass seed - of course mine came from Central Farmers Supply and only cost around 75 cents a pound.  And believe me, one pound is way more than you will need!
Check your local farm or lawn and garden store for seed availability.

Then you need some quality potting soil...

Fill the container you like with soil....and remember to think outside the box.  You could use a basket...perfect for Easter, galvanized metal, pottery, suitcases...simply use your imagination.

Next, liberally sprinkle with Rye grass seed...

 Lightly cover with a little bit of soil...not to much though.   Quick Tip: When covering your seed...only use the amount of soil that would be equal to twice the thickness of your seed.

 Next...mist in a sunny window...and your seed will be up in about 3-4 days.  Remember, to keep it moist, not letting it dry out.

 In no time, and I mean in 10 will look like this!

 And then you will have to give it a hair cut because it grows so fast!

 You can tell in this picture...the one in the front has that neat short hair cut and the others are kind of wild - which ever you like.  But before long...your grass will be having a bad hair day!  You will be trimming it several times over the course of the growing period.

 Enjoy a few eggs in it for a great Easter centerpiece.  Your grass will live indoors and look pretty for about a month!

 So...get to planting...Easter is right around the corner!

Happy Spring!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Old Man Winter...

 ...came in with a frenzy didn't he?  We received about 13 inches at our house and I have to say I LOVED IT.  I love the peacefulness of it...the quite...the stillness.  

I also understand that this type of weather definitely brings challenges and I sympathize with those who have to get to work to either care for the sick, or clean the roads, or deliver the mail, or pick up the garbage, or stock the shelves, or feed the animals, or be a first responder & on and on.  As much as I would like for time to stand still, thankfully we have dedicated people all around who make a way to help others and I am grateful.

 My hubby is a teacher...a wonderful agriculture teacher and yes, I am a bit proud of him.  So the good thing was he got to stay home with us...BUT, Shaun loves his animals and they have to be tended out he went in the worst of the storm.  

 You can barely see him here rounding the dogwood tree...walking up what is suppose to be our driveway to get to the tractor.  The hay had to put out for the cattle.

Out my bedroom window, I watched the snow stack up quickly at the cabin. You can see it is nearly touching the bottom of the fence.

But in one day...the sun was back out...and our puppy, Snowball, was enjoying playing in the snow!

Life is now getting back to normal around here...however...

 ...I still can't get out of my driveway.  Maybe tomorrow.

Hope everyone is safe and warm!