Saturday, March 15, 2008

How 'bout a lil' Mexican Flavor?

Well, when I look at this apron - that's what I think of! Mexico! All the BEAUTIFUL colors and the pretty ruffles, ribbons and ric-rac, stripes and polka dots - Oooh La La! This apron was of course made by my dear friend, Ada Mae, and just like me, she is new at this "blogging" thing - but I know it would just tickle her pink if you would dance on over and look at some of her other darlin' aprons. She is so very talented and soon you will be able to snatch one up for yourself and buy her aprons on-line. Until then though, you can always find them at Cobblestone Farms. I just thought I'd showcase some of her exquisite talent today - let her know I appreciate her and wish her lots of luck sewing and yes, selling to.

Make each day special with a pretty Apron!
Cathy Cobblestone

Ada's Adorable Aprons blog located in my "LINKS I LOVE"

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