Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BEEEautiful Bead board Back splash!

BEEautiful Bead board Back splash - now say that THREE times FAST!!!

Well, what I'm gonna show you today is a lil' clever cover-up. Nothin' fancy, 'cause my house is definitely not that, but it's "homey" - is that even a word? I've mentioned that my house is really small - not much room for things - so things just have to go where I can find a space. Well, that even applied to my stove, kind of stuck right out in the middle of things, so I had to do something that made it look like it belonged there. I also had to give the wall behind it some type of protection from all the splish-splash-spattering that would be going on.

So here was my solution -
*a single piece of 4X8 bead board - painted white
*two corbels found in a junk store - painted black
*a shelf that I made to fit my thrifty finds
*and a few things I love to give it some punch

Plus, we can't forget, some yummy homemade brownies that say "Welcome Home"!

Happy Creating!
Cathy Cobblestone

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Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Cathy! You are a girl after my own red, white, and black! very sweet shelf! Come visit sometime at my little home! cherry