Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm so excited because yesterday I spotted the first blooms in our greenhouse! Such a pleasant surprise and there are still even a few lil' patches of snow left outside from our white weekend. That'll all change today though 'cause it is gonna push 50 plus degrees. Warmth and Sunshine - two instant spirit lifters. Even though we are about six or seven weeks away before it's safe to plant in Kentucky - it sure doesn't hurt to dream about Diggin' in the Dirt!!

When I went in the greenhouse, I spotted amongst all the "green" two lil' bursts of color. A sweet LiL' LavendeR LanTanA bloom saying "Look at me!" and across the way a wonderful vibrant ScarleT ReD IvY GeraniuM just beginning to show its beauty. I know in the days to come, the greenhouse will come alive with color and I can't wait to share it with you. Be checking back often for a slide show or video (once I figure it out)of all the flowers waiting to find the perfect home in your garden.

I'm heading back down to Cobblestone to talk to the flowers. Have a Splendid Day!

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