Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been a paintin'!

Well I have had this sideboard/buffet piece for a couple of years and I dearly love it! Always knew I'd paint it but couldn't ever seem to find the time - I'm sure you all know how that is! Well, my boys went fishing the other night and I just took a notion - Lord knows, I had many more "pressing" projects, but I just really wanted to do it. I had some extra black paint left over from my kitchen cabinets so that is what I decided to go with. I was really leaning towards something bold like a bright green but I played it on the safe side. I'm glad I did - 'cause now I love it even more. After a quick sanding and some antiquing glaze - decorated with my favorite lamps, my "bright green" bird cage and some fresh flowers - it fits right in. I have to say, I'm glad I had that paintin' notion!

Happy Creating Friends! Remember, Make your home your own!
Cathy Cobblestone


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I honestly cannot believe what a difference the black paint made. That sideboard is stunning.

I have an old drop leave table & chairs that are painted a very ugly green right now. I was going to strip them and see if the wood was good enough quality to refinish. But you know, I think I'm going to get some black paint and prim them up a bit. I am so excited!

Thanks so much for sharing.


Kelley said...

Wow Cathy~ absolutely gorgeous!
I love the color of the birdhouse and it looks so lovely combined with the gorgeous sideboard!

Did you ever get my comment about how to do your pictures with Paint Shop Pro? Just wondering because I guess that I have been having computer troubles!

Wishing you a blessed evening!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Black is a great color to paint a large piece of furniture. You can always add color like your birdhouse or a table runner.
Job well done.

Blanca said...

It looks great! Makes the beautiful green birdcage pop out.
Paint is a wonderful thing.


Primgal55 said...

I think black is the new neutral! It looks wonderful in black. Great choice. I have painted several of the 70's dark pine pieces we got when we were first married and they look so much better in black.

hugs, Linda

This Country Girl said...

Wow, Cathy, what a transformation! That sideboard/buffet is so pretty and classy (and prim) done in black! What a great job! Just beautiful!

Have a great Wednesday!

Lisa said...

Perfect in black. It looks like it was made to fit right in that spot too! Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this. Love your style. Nancy

Anne Fannie said...

Cathy, What fun projects! They came out really nice.

The Country Junction said...

you did a GREAT job Cathy!!! it looks BEAUTIFUL especially with all your special touches sitting on it!!