Friday, May 30, 2008

A Happy Weekend To You!

I can't believe another week has flown by - so here we are again - ready to enjoy another beautiful weekend. We will be sitting up shop at our local Art in the Alley Festival. Should be loads of fun - always is - live music, food, happy people, talented artisans - all roaming up and down this quaint lil' alley in our small town. KUDOS to our local Arts Council for doing such a fantastic job!!

Here are a couple of pictures I thought I'd share with you - in case you are in the mood for a lil' plantin'. You know how I love to plant in anything other than a traditional flower pot - well, here are some sweet children's boots and a tricycle with a pretty red basket attached to it all filled with bright, happy flowers! Now in case you have something like your child's old tricycle or bike and you can't seem to part with - this would be a great way to bring it out of storage and enjoy it. Simply find a basket, either wicker or wire, attach with zip ties, and plant to your heart's content. Now these lil' boots came from a sale, 'cause I couldn't bear to plant in my son's first pair of lil' "frog" rubber boots. But I have to say, these yellow waders are tooooooo cute filled with marigolds and tied together with grosgrain ribbon for stability.

So have a fun, happy, and safe weekend!
Happy Plantin'
Cathy Cobblestone


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Cathy, found your blog through Maryjane's farm. I love those boots filled with flowers and the garden hose die for!
Love, Ann

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Okay, now I am on the lookout for a used tricycle! I too, look at things and try to think what can I use this for? Now, I have to start thinking, how can I use that in the yard? Umm... That display is so cute and fresh looking. You do not see things like that everyday.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kelley said...

Cathy, everything looks precious!
You are so talented!
Hope that your weekend is going great and you are enjoying your festival!

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Cathy,
Everything looks as pretty as can be. Do you line your containers with anything before putting the dirt in? I planted up a couple of baskets but linned them with plastic bags.

GardenGoose said...

oh those are just too cute! love the tricycle..and gosh the little boots em love em. you have the sweetest garden ideas..gosh.

GardenGoose said...

I keep looking at those little galoshes and they sure make me smile..especially with those bright yellow marigolds.
I love the combination of blue and yellow on those. they are just adorable.