Friday, May 16, 2008

All about the Shutters

First off friends, forgive me for not posting this week - in what lil' spare time I had, I was working on some projects for an article coming out soon - I'll fill you in on the "when and where" as soon as it's ready. There will also be two REALLY simple and fun garden projects you might want to try - I hope you like it - I'm so excited.

O.K. - on to today's story. I thought I'd share with you a way to incorporate shutters inside your home. I have to admit, one of my favorite things to decorate with is SHUTTERS. I have them hanging alone on walls, I used bi-fold shutters for part of a window treatment, I've made awnings out of them, shelves and the list goes on. They are just striking in their own right, I think.

As I've mentioned before, my farmhouse is really small - love it, I dearly do, but I like to find ways to make my home's features appear taller and larger than they really are. My windows are just standard size so, I hung all of my curtains and/or shutters on the outside of the window frame - trying to increase the width of the window. Nothing fancy, just a lil' something I like to do.

You can find shutters at your local salvage yard, garage sales, where older homes are being torn down, and sometimes free on the curbside (that's the best kind). Here is a snapshot or two of the shutters I found (4 for $40.00), I painted them black, whitewashed them a lil' bit and gave them a new home in my living room.

Happy Creating friends!!
Cathy Cobblestone


Kelley said...

Hey Cathy...
Just wanted to come by and say hi!
Sorry haven't been around much, my grandpa is dying and my mom has been out and things have been hectic with my son's graduation approaching and both being involved in the school play!
I have been meaning to tell you what gorgeous things you have...
I wish that I loved closer so that I could come and buy several of everything!

Nancy Jo said...

Always happy to see a new post on your site. The shutters look really cute, what A nice idea. I have shutters on the outside but none on the inside. How weird is that? I must think more out of the box.

This Country Girl said...


I love the shutters! Yours look great! I love to use shutters indoors too. My husband made me two sets, one for our sunporch and one out of lattice for our daughter's room. I would love to run across some of the bifold type somehwere for a great deal! I'm still looking!

I enjoyed visiting your blog. I invite you to come by and visit mine sometime!

Tammy (Country Girl At Home)