Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thinking Outside the "POT"

Just a fun lil' project today - oh so EASY and very inexpensive - Can you get much better than that? Please forgive my pictures - I know they are a lil' dark - not enough hours in the day right now - during greenhouse season - so I snapped a few quick pics this evening just before sundown.

As I'm sure many of you do as well, I like to plant in anything other than the traditional "flower pot". Some of my favorites are old enamelware, buckets-rusty or painted, crates, wheelbarrows, sinks, you name it - if it is suppose to have another purpose, I like to try and stick a flower in it. So that's what this lil' post is all about - Thinking Outside the "POT".

These cans are from our local school lunchroom - which start the day filled with corn and green beans - but end up the day filled with pretty flowers and tied up with a ribbon. As you can see in one picture, I painted them - and attached them to an old bench (that wasn't safe for sittin') filled 'em with some vibrant color and placed them in front of my son's play area. The other picture, I left them plain (I like the way they rust)and tied some nice grosgrain ribbon around them. HOW CUTE!!

Last year, I helped with flowers for two weddings and we used these cans to decorate their tables. One wedding used lavenders and pinks, the other fuchsia, lime green and yellow flowers. All tied with coordinating ribbon and had a monogrammed key tag hanging from them. Both were outdoor weddings, casual but had RUSTIC ELEGANCE!!!

This is a great recycling project and so much fun to do - just don't cut your fingers! The cans are free - they just require a lil' cleaning!!! Happy Planting friends! Cathy Cobblestone


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love the idea, I think I may have a coffee can. I love the distressed look. Great trash to treasure.

Primgal55 said...

This is my first visit to your blog (I am sort of new at this) and I just know I will be visiting often! I am lovin what I see. Linda

Ada Mae said...

Cute-Cute-Cute!!!!! I think I have a can or two around here somewhere, and I know I have some grossgrain ribbon.

Nancy Jo said...

Everything looks so nice, and creative. Bet you have been really busy, this is the time when we all want our flowers and vines etc.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello My Dear Sweet Cathy! Wishing you a wonderful day and a very Happy Mother's day! Love ya tons, Maryjane