Monday, May 26, 2008

Working in the Fields Today

On this Memorial Day, the hay fields were calling. My better half is a "TRUE" farmer at heart - he has a real love of the land - and when he can be home and see a job through - he's happy - therefore I'm happy. We were fortunate today to have lots of help - raking, rolling, and bailing however, we couldn't beat Mother Nature. If we'd had one more hour without rain - we would have finished. But, Lord willing, there will be another dry day and we will start again. I'm thankful for having the opportunity to work, for being with family and for our safety.

And in case your wonderin', this farm girl was picking up square bales when I wasn't taking pictures! I had a GREAT day - hope you all did too!

I'm off to the cabin to listen to the rain on the roof!

Cathy Cobblestone


Anonymous said...

Loved the haying pictures!!!! Wish you could have finished before the rain as we were so fortunate to do. We were blessed with plenty of help so I was able to avoid "tossing bales" this year. I got to drive the wagon. Too bad the fellows didn't snap a shot of you to share with us on your blog.
We did some porch sitting and listened to the rain as well. That is a TRUE country experience. Thanks to you and your hard working farmer husband I had the most beautiful flowers to enjoy during my porch sitting spell. You grow the healthiest and prettiest plants and I want to thank you for the service you are to our community!!!
Happy Haying,

Ada Mae said...

I watched Larry do the same things yesterday. He got his done just before the rain and had started to move it into the shed. Didn't get that done. Don't the field look crisp and clean!!!

This Country Girl said...


That looks like alot of work!

Your "round" hay bales remind me of a joke my uncle told me sometime ago. We were driving along and he said, "Ya know they've outlawed those round bales now." Of course, I said, "Really?" And he says, "Yeah, the cattle just weren't getting a square meal." Then he just grinned. Now I love to use that one on kids, especially!

Have a great day!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I have been wanting to leave a comment for the past few days. However, I know very little about farming. I know a farm when I see one, that is what I know. It sure does seem like hard work. But if you enjoy what you are doing, how lucky are you?

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

You are my hero...a true blue farmgirl! Love the pics!!!! Hugs, Maryjane