Thursday, December 4, 2008

Need A Gift???

A week or so ago I shared with you a Christmas slide show and told ya I'd be tellin' you a lil' bit 'bout some of the artists. Well, today I'm gonna share two with you. One is a sweet local friend who makes the most incredible candles and tarts and another is "another Cathy" who makes OH-SO-CUTE pincushions. I've been blessed over the years to come into contact with many talented people and since I've been bloggin' - well, everyday is blessed with a new acquaintance. There is sooooooo much talent out there. And I get great joy "tootin' the horn" of my talented friends!!!

First Up.... Sweet Ms. Linda of Kindlelight Blessings Candles. Candle making is in her blood - she thinks about it constantly - always trying to come up with new ideas and it shows. Best thing about her - she's as beautiful as her candles.

Now, are these not the cutest tarts you have ever seen? Sugar plums, blueberry muffins, strawberries in the snow - and there are so many more. Hazelnut Delight is my personal favorite - but then again it is hard to choose - fudgy coconut, candy cane, pumpkin praline - oh my - I could go on and on.

This is one of her beautiful cake candles - each piece hand made - every lil' pineapple chunk, pretty red strawberries all with yummy drizzle over them. Well this candle deserves to go on a cake stand for everybody to admire.

This is a picture of her loaf candles - and she also has jars and soooo much more. If you are a "picky" candle buyer - I promise these will meet your expectations!!! I know that she would appreciate your visit - it would simply tickle her to death.

Now for my new friend that I met over at Maryjane's Farm - the "other Cathy" - Cathy Jean to be exact. Do you have a special friend or maybe a mom or grandmother that simply loves to sew? Well, these are jus' the cutest lil' pincushions ever. I love them!! They have such a nice weight to them - they are made of crushed walnut shells I believe. Cathy puts fabrics together so well and tops them with pretty lil' buttons. The craftsmanship is perfect. I gifted my sweet Mamaw one of these and she adores it. You'll have to browse her selection - it's so hard to choose which one.
Drop by Aunt Daisy's Cottage and tell her Cathy sent you.

Now you know these are my favorites - 'cause they are red and POLKA DOTTED!!!
Wouldn't one be so cute tied on a Christmas package or tucked in a stocking!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my friends. And thank you for visiting them - they don't know I'm doing this - so I hope they are prepared - hehe.

I'm grateful for their talent and for allowing me to have their lil' creations in my shop.

Many blessings to you all for a splendid weekend!!
Happy Shopping!
Cathy Cobblestone


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Your candles are amazing, they look good enough to eat. I agree both women are very gifted. Love the polka-dot pincushions. I love visiting your blog, I am sure everyone loves coming to your shop.

Linda said...

Oh Miss Cathy, thank you so much for your beauitful post. I'm very blessed to have such a good friend that is so happy for others to prosper. I thank you and feel honored that you carry my "blessings" in your AWESOME shop! Thanks so much, and I'm coming over for some pin cushions too---I want one for me, and a few gifts too!
Thanks again you beauitful lady...
Merry Christmas, Linda @ Kindlelight Blessings

CathyJean said...

My dear friend, Cathy!! Thank you so much for this post - very sweet of you. Now come over to visit me and see how I linked Linda up!:)
I keep getting lots of creative inspiration from you over here at Cobblestone Farms!

mccubbin4328 said...

yummy. :)