Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas at the Cabin

Good Friday Friends! I thought I would share with you today a few pictures from my in-laws cabin. We were down there this week - just adding a touch of Christmas Cheer so their Sunday School class could come enjoy some wassail and fellowship around the fire. They have put their heart and soul into this lil' place and they are always so willing to share it - wanting people to enjoy it the way they do. In the pictures you will see an old white house that use to surround the cabin that they tore down to expose the logs. There is also an upstairs that I failed to take pictures of - oops. It's beautiful in the spring and summer, surrounded by trees and a great cave. In front of that cave is an old picnic table where a lot of corn is shucked and a lot of "breaking beans" goes on.

The Christmas tree is decorated with strung popcorn and handmade cedar ornaments. Some fresh greens are tucked in here and there and it just makes for a simple, country, cabin Christmas. Like the sign says - "A day at the cabin with Poppa - Priceless."

Have a great weekend everybody,
Merry Christmas
Cathy Cobblestone


Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Cathy- How beautiful the cabin and all the surroundings. I love to hear of people who enjoy the simple things in life. Have a great weekend.

marie said...

I love all the cabin pictures ~ it sure looks like a perfectly wonderful place to be!