Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday!

I just wanted to encourage you on this Beautiful Monday to do something that lifts the spirit of someone else as well as your own! These veggies are from our small garden and I tell ya - as good as they are - I almost enjoy sharing them more than eating them - and believe me - I LOOOOOOVE tomatoes!!! We have a new neighbor - so that is where these are headed and to some dear friends of ours!

Happiness is a sunbeam....
When it strikes a kindred heart,
like the converged lights upon a mirror,
it reflects itself with redoubled brightness.
It is not perfected until it is shared.

-Jane Porter_

This basket full of flowers is from my cutting garden - jus' simple sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias - so easy to grow but aren't they just BEAUTIFUL! This lil' basket was ordered up by my dear friend, Ms. Evelyn, but let me encourage you to grow these simple flowers for yourself. I have flowers in lil' vases EVERYWHERE - on my kitchen window seal, in a vase on my dining room table, a single zinnia on the vanity - they just make me so happy and they'll do the same for you!

Remember to share something today - the joy will be all yours!
Cathy Cobblestone


Linda said...

So pretty!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunflowers but once they get to the sprouts stage - some critter eats mine. Makes me crazy - but now I get to enjoy yours!

hugs, Linda

belladella said...

Beautiful post. I am bit under the weather today and this made me smile. Thanks!

Nancy said...

Good Morning Cathy, I love the new sunflower picture, you always have to best pictures at the top of your blog!! Your post today makes me happy, thanks for showing us your beautiful flowers and garden produce. Blessings, Nancy

This Country Girl said...


I love your flowers! They're beautiful! And we've been on the receiving end of the sharing of the bounty of vegetables....we've been given tomatoes and squash and it's so yummy! We hope to grow our own next year!

Have a great week!

Jean said...

There is nothing like sunflowers.
The veggies are great and how thoughtful of you to share your bounty with new neighbors. You are a sweetie. The zinnias are beautiful too, but it seems when I grow them they get a disease before the summer is over and the leaves are so ugly. You have a wonderful Monday.
Jean in Virginia

Cherry's Jubilee said...

You are so talented! I love the flowers! I have enjoyed listening to your soothing. Thanks, cherry

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I would love to grow some of those flowers next year Thanks for the idea.Your flowers are beautiful. I am getting ready for the fall. Some of my summer flowers are not doing that great because of the heavy down pours we have been having in RI. I bought a pot of yellow mums the other day, I think I will go back for more this weekend.

Anne Fannie said...

Your flowers are beautiful! All your garden veggies look yummy too!

marie said...

Do not stop with doing
necessary kindnesses;
the unnecessary ones
are of greater importance.

I love this quote and I needed the reminder. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Your veggies and flowers are wonderful!

Liz said...

Zinnias remind me of my Aunt Spophie who has since passed, but always had a border of zinnias around her vegetable garden. They are just such a wonderful flower! Thanks for a great and inspiring blog!

Cathy said...

What a cheerful and beautiful arrangement!

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