Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Nancy Jo said...

Beautiful pictures. What a nice event it must have been. You are just one handy girl.
How are you doing with the school thing? Its always a bit sad to send the little ones off for the first time. But what I have found out from my three kids is they always come home.
Your little red basket of flowers was really pretty. You must have a busy little shop. I know I would love to come and shop there.

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Nancy Jo - you are so sweet - and if you ever make it down south from that New York state of yours - you'll have to come for a visit. Casen is doing great with school - he loves it so I'm happy. Thanks for stopping by and yes I'm blessed to be busy and loving it at the same time. Have a great day! Cathy

Jean said...

Everything is beautiful. They were so lucky to have you. The flowers were gorgeous. You did a fantastic job. I'm so glad CASEN loves school. It makes it easier for Mommy. Well, you have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

Darlene said...

It looks like it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the pictures so we can see everything....just gorgeous!!!

CathyJean said...


Just beautiful!!! You have a very special talent for designing!
Thanks for sharing pictures with us.


Nancy said...

Hi Cathy, I enjoyed your picture show...beautiful pictures! That food makes me hungry! Blessings to you,Nancy

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Sooooooo pretty! I wish I could come visit your shop. I went through some of Kentucky on a cross country trip back in Oct and Kentucky was one of my fave states. Gorgeous. cherry

David said...


The pictures are almost as beautiful as the flowers were that night. Thanks so much for your efforts to make our event successful. The simple elegance that results from your work is truly art. David