Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Barn Reception continues...

...with a wall of  "picture" windows and an old truck.  I'm back to share with you a couple of more cute things we did for Danielle and Taylor's barn reception.  
 Danielle placed some great pictures in behind the glass of these old windows... she also put her Cricut to good use again cutting out neat letters for the other panes.
That night, the lights behind the canvas illuminated the pictures.
 Here is a better shot - of course we added a punch of her favorite colors with the tissue paper flowers and hung the windows with burlap ribbon.
 One of her chalkboards and a cute wooden sign with their wedding date...
 Some straw bales and a fern and that was her "window" wall.
 Now for the truck - this is her Uncle Woody's old truck that he is in the process of refurbishing.  We simply pulled it in the side of the barn...
...I made a pocket of fresh flowers and tied it to the grill..
 ...Danielle's "just married" burlap banner was perfect for the side.  We placed a large fern and her mom's "window house" in the back complete with flowers and a lil' chandelier. 
 The truck made a nice backdrop for the bridal table.
 Here you can see the straw bale "couches" in front of the truck.  The truck really did have a great function - all the wedding gifts were placed in the back.
 And to top it off - more, yes more paper flowers.

I just love that old truck. 


Our French Inspired Home said...

I think its great how the truck was incorporated into it all. Good use of everything to give the overall feel.

Patty's Stitches said...

Totally awesome! You never cease to inspire and amaze me! Love it! Blessings, Patty

Country Dreaming said...

More great ideas! I sure the newlyweds greatly appreciated all the nice touches.


Sandie said...

Beautiful! And the truck was perfect. Love that it was used for the gifts! As always, you showed up and showed out! ;)