Monday, June 18, 2012

And the Barn Reception Pictures begin...

...finally.  Yes, I'm back - I've officially survived decorating another wedding last week - but we are going to journey back a couple of weeks to Danielle and Taylor's barn reception.  I'm going to break it down into a few posts and I thought I'd begin by sharing with you what we did with a hanging ladder.  In this barn were 3 wonderful - VERY LONG - wooden ladders.  I'll show you what we did with the other two later - but this one found a home on a really long expanse of a wall that needed something that could carry significant visual weight.

This is the LOOOOOONG wall I'm speaking of - it was the inside wall of the barn - these are insulated panels - great for function but not really pretty. 
I knew I wanted to hang the ladder but I couldn't do it by myself - so fortunately, Danielle's brother (the tractor driver) and her dad (in the bucket loader) plus her fiance (holding the rope) helped me out - a BIG bunch.  Mark suspended the ladder with rope parallel with the wall.
And here is how it came together.  Mom and I ran some tobacco canvas through the rungs plus I simply tied on pieces of burlap ribbon and just let them hang down like streamers.
Danielle, the beautiful bride, is quite talented herself and just recently purchased and fell in love with her new Cricut machine - she made this banner that said "Happily Ever After" in orange and hot pink.
We hung different lanterns filled with battery operated candles plus pink and orange tissue paper flowers.
The family had this beautiful old church pew and it fit perfectly under the ladder.  On it, we placed a quilt that had been given to the bride's mom and dad on their wedding.  It was a very special piece to the family.
The whole area turned out to be a great focal point in the barn.  It was fun and festive.

Danielle, her beautiful bridesmaids...and

...her sweet lil' girl who found a place to rest for a minute.
I love the way the ladder turned out  - it was something they already had - and it fit just perfectly!  Ladders would be beautiful hanging over tables too - you could almost use them like chandeliers - of course these ladders were old and wooden - they were just perfect.

An uncle's old truck and a wall of windows up next.


Country Dreaming said...

Great ideas! Love it when something so simple looks so elegant.
Can't wait for your next post.


Country Dreaming said...

Everything looks great. Love it when something so simple turns out so elegant.
Can't wait to see your next post.


Our French Inspired Home said...

What a great idea. Im always so excited to see the different things people come up with. I would have never thought to use a ladder like this. Thanks for sharing! said...

Looks like it was an awesome wedding! I LOVE the ladder and pew and the quilt was just the icing on the cake!!!


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Just popping over from "Always Fixin' Never Sittin' . . . what a beautiful reception! I'm a real softie for weddings!

Hope to stop by again! Have a wonderful day!


Kim said...

I like the use of the old ladders also. A friend of mine had hung an old one in her kitchen/dining room and hung vines and old pots off of it. Her ceiling in her kitchen was recessed and they took that down and put the ladder in part of the place.
Love the look again,
Kim in OK

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Cathy,
I love everything about this reception but my favorite is the quilt on the bench...such a special touch I love it!
A beautiful reception...
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth