Saturday, September 3, 2016

Harvesting Hydrangeas....

Well my is getting just about time to harvest your hydrangea blooms.  The blooms need to be cut before they get to far along and the changing of the colors of the blooms is a good indicator of the right time to cut.

You can see my Little Limelight hydrangeas just outside the kitchen window below.  They have simply been beautiful this summer.  However, the rain has been weighing the huge blooms down lately and it was just time to give them a good trim. 
 There is nothing complicated about saving hydrangea blooms....just a few quick and easy steps.  

Step 1.  Cut stems several inches long...

 Step 2.  Remove all leaves from stem.  I simply run my hand down the stem and they just slide right off.

 Step 3.  Group 5 to 6 stems together using twine.  Make a loop in the end of the twine for hanging.


 Be sure and not bundle to many stems together.  They need to have good air circulation so they don't mold.

Step 4.  You will need a good place to hang them...preferably somewhere that is relatively cool and dark.  I use our cabin - it is only a couple hundred feet from our house and we have the perfect hangers...deer antlers!

This is Moe.  He even gets his own special pair of earrings.  My husband doesn't like this so much ;-)  But thankfully....he is patient with me.  

 Our cabin just happens to be the perfect place for me to dry my hydrangeas. Consider using your basement, garage or potting shed. 

 These are last years blooms...already dried and ready to be used in fall decorations.  Speaking of fall...

...I believe tomorrow after church....I'm gonna start the fall spruce up.  I'm ready and it is my favorite time of the year so I like to enjoy it as long as possible.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



Summer said...

The hydrangeas look so nice ♥

Row. said...

So Beautiful, I'm sure you enjoy them even more having dried them yourself.

Stacey said...

I've seen lots of complicated instructions in different places but this is how I do it too. Works like a charm.

Sharing on Facebook. :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Thank you, Cathy - I best get on it!