Sunday, April 13, 2008

What happened to Spring? Bet this will cheer you up!

Oh my, my dear friends - I had to get my winter coat back out today - cold, windy and rainy all at the same time. And tonight, maybe even some snow flurries - now that's just mean if you ask me. But I do hate to complain, cause after we get through tomorrow we will back up in the 60's and 70's for the rest of the week. Now that's more like it!!!!

I'm gonna brighten your day with a picture of some pretty flowers AND I'm gonna give you a sneak peak at something you will be able to win in a few days. Since plantin' time is only about three weeks away here in the great state of Kentucky, it is getting hard to contain my excitement. Our greenhouse is BURSTING at the seams - those flowers are just itchin' to get in that dirt (me too). Here is a picture of some lovely flowers in a cute little "push cart" of some kind. I just love plantin' flowers in great old stuff - gives 'em so much more personality.

And in the spirit of Spring and Giving, I will be having a sign-up to win a hand painted monogrammed flower pot real soon. I can't do it just yet, 'cause I've got several people waiting on me to get their orders done - so it wouldn't be fair to not do theirs first. But you will have to keep checking back - and when it's time - I'll let you know to leave a comment. We'll draw a name and I'll monogram a pot especially for you, wrap her up and send her your way. Just in time for you to add your beautiful annuals to it. And if you let me know what colors you like, I'll paint it up just to your likin'. Sounds like fun, can't wait to see who wins!!!

So here is a lil' bit of spring cheer!! I do hope you have a beautiful week - Many blessings to you! Cathy Cobblestone


Nancy Jo said...

OK I feel cheered up now. I have a wheelbarrow just like that, but at the moment there is only dirt in it. Still cold here. I did plant up a bunch of pansys and snapdragons in pots, but they are in my entry now. Had to bring them in from the front porch. A little to nippy out. They are saying a nice warm up by Wednesday. I HOPE!
Went to the thrift this morning and I was thinking about you because I picked up a couple little market baskets to fill with plants. I was looking for some interesting containers but didn't find any others today. Not to worry, I gO to the thrift REAL often. And pretty soon garage sales start up.
Ok wow, I had to much coffee, Don't want to take up your whole day here.
Nancy Jo

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

That is a really pretty pot. The colors are great. I bought a few clay pots over the weekend. Maybe they deserve a fresh coat of paint. Spring, is indeed a very fickle season

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Kathy, your blog is so sweet. I love the flower pot and all the beautiful flowers. I think I'll have to make some of those pots, they look easy to do. Have a super day! RoseMarie

Anonymous said...

I too have the bug! Here in the Pacific NW we had quite the teaser this weekend. Normally it's rainy and a bit drear still but OH what a gloreous Friday and Saturday. I was tempted to start purchasing some more flowers and veggies but kept myself in check because of the high chance of the "unexpected".

Sharon Kay said...

Thanks for the wheelbarrow full of spring ........I am enjoying looking at pictures because spring is late in coming north to Ohio...