Friday, April 4, 2008

These Flowers are For You!

Well, actually these flowers are really for newlyweds to be, April and Cole, but I thought I'd share their beauty with you. We have had lots of rain 'round our neck of the woods lately - not much sunshine - so I thought these would brighten your day.

These beautiful gerbera daisies, forsythia, roses and asparagus fern will help make Cole & April's wedding shower a joyous occasion. Luckily, in our greenhouse where things are growing tremendously each day, I had some gorgeous white bacopa, chartreuse sweet potato vine and neon pink trailing verbena to make these fresh garden baskets for some of the tables. Working with flowers is an absolute joy for me - they are God's lil' masterpieces.

Enjoy Everyone and Best Wishes to the happy couple for a wonderful life together.
Have a Wonderful Saturday!
Cathy Cobblestone


Connie said...

Dear Cathy,
God has Blessed you with such talent to arrange His "masterpieces". Your baskets are pure sunshine and sparkle.


Katie said...

Love the flower baskets! We are finally seeing some spring flowers in the garden centers here. Can't wait to dig in and get my hands dirty!

Lisa said...

How beautiful. Just looking at those pictures really perked me up. You do have quite a talent and I'm sure the newlyweds will be tickled Pink.

Anne said...

Cathy. Beautiful. We absolutely luv the visit to Cobblestone and Tay Tay want to grow up to be like Miss Cathy!!!