Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Petunia - The Resident Rabbit

Hi chics and gents, I'm Petunia, the resident rabbit at Cobblestone Farms and I just thought I'd hop by and say hello on this sunny but chilly day. As you can see I'm decked out in my bibs today, my pretty pink apron and my trusty ole garden shirt. I've been working in the green house tending to all the seedlin's so I thought I'd give my feet a rest and kick off my yellow boots - well, wouldn't you know, I thought these would be much better for flowers than for my paws. So I'll keep you posted on my tulips new home (see them peekin' through). And by the way, if you would like an oh-so-cute rabbit for your yard, just hop on in. I've got a brother and you'll never guess what his name is - yep, that's right - Peter. Happy Day from Cathy Cobblestone and Miss Petunia.