Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Time to Sow Rye Grass!

 Happy Spring everybody!  It has been beautiful here the past few days and one thing I love to do to start off the spring season is plant annual Rye grass.  Last year I planted a small chicken feeder that I have but this year...

 I brought out the big one...I was lucky enough to score this old feeder last fall and I've used it many different ways already!  I love it!

So, I've shared with you all how to do this the last couple of years...but here is a refresher in case you missed it....but don't worry....this is easy breezy!

Start with some annual Rye grass seed - of course mine came from Central Farmers Supply and only cost around 75 cents a pound.  And believe me, one pound is way more than you will need!
Check your local farm or lawn and garden store for seed availability.

Then you need some quality potting soil...

Fill the container you like with soil....and remember to think outside the box.  You could use a basket...perfect for Easter, galvanized metal, pottery, suitcases...simply use your imagination.

Next, liberally sprinkle with Rye grass seed...

 Lightly cover with a little bit of soil...not to much though.   Quick Tip: When covering your seed...only use the amount of soil that would be equal to twice the thickness of your seed.

 Next...mist in a sunny window...and your seed will be up in about 3-4 days.  Remember, to keep it moist, not letting it dry out.

 In no time, and I mean in 10 will look like this!

 And then you will have to give it a hair cut because it grows so fast!

 You can tell in this picture...the one in the front has that neat short hair cut and the others are kind of wild - which ever you like.  But before long...your grass will be having a bad hair day!  You will be trimming it several times over the course of the growing period.

 Enjoy a few eggs in it for a great Easter centerpiece.  Your grass will live indoors and look pretty for about a month!

 So...get to planting...Easter is right around the corner!

Happy Spring!



Stacey said...

Cute!! It's always nice to see a post from you, Cathy. :)

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

I love your rye planters always. Glad to see you posting again. We've missed you.

Windmill Farm said...

Thanks so much! You have inspired me to do the rye seed, I always forget and then see them at Easter. Like the idea of using the un-expected container. Love your blog

Melinda said...

Pretty fun stuff!

M :) said...

Hi cathy
Found you via Stacey's blog Poofing the Pillows! Great ideas. Hey, I tried clicking on the sidebar images of the laundry room and the link wasn't live (it may be on my end). But, love your blog.. back to follow... laura