Sunday, January 29, 2012

In this room...

...lies MANY projects.  But today - I thought I'd share a super simple one.  Come on in...
to the office.
Today's project - bench. 
My sweet Papaw Ronald, who is nearly 81 made this bench for me about 3 years ago.  It is made from a double bed and is still in its original finish which is one of the reasons why I love it so much - besides the fact he made it for me of course.
On the back you can see where 44 years ago - this bed was antiqued by A.A.A., B.S.M., and G.S.A.  You can see where it is dated December 27, 1967.  That is why I can hardly bring myself to paint over it.  
And I happen to really like the crackle finish.
 But, the bench needed a face lift and I was not about to paint it.  So off came the seat - you can see it has had a couple of previous fabrics on it ;-)  Now, no comment on my upholstery skills - hey, nobody looks under there anyway - right.
 This lil' redo is nothing that a staple gun, staples, some scissors and new fabric won't fix. 
 It just doesn't get any easier than that.

 I was fortunate to find some fabric that matched EXACTLY - lucky me - the color of the walls is Sea Salt by Sherman Williams.  Now, I will confess - stripes on the horizontal may have not been the ideal choice but I was trying to find something that would not compete with this other fabric that I had already splurged on.  Do you ever get the cart before the horse?  Well, I do - especially with fabric. 
I also had my map as some inspiration and my peddlers mall leather desk chair.
Now this room is far from finished.  Here are a few other things that are going in there when it is complete - a brown dresser
a wicker chair
some more brown and cream fabric
checked rug
 a globe and some other "officey" things - when I find the right ones.
Oh, and the most important thing - a desk.

 So stay tuned for the completion of this room one of these days.  I'm going to be real busy in the coming days and weeks however- getting ready to go full swing into greenhouse season at work - I begin planting tomorrow - spring is right around the corner you know and oh how I love flowers!
 I'll shed a lil' more light on this room soon. 
Have a great week everybody!


NanaDiana said...

Cathy, That turned out just beautifully! I love it and it is so restful and peaceful looking. You did a nice job with it. I have to tell you that I would have a really hard time painting over that old finish, too! xo Diana

Patty Sumner said...

That bench is wonderful and the story behind it is even more wonderful. I love the colors. Great job! Blessings!

Country Dreaming said...

Those kind of projects are the best!
The bench looks super.


Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Love the bench and the history behind it. glad your not painting it!

Robin and Pam said...

Just found your blog today and it is breathtaking! Can't wait to explore it further.

cindy the cottage chick said...

I just drool every time you post. Seriously. You have built my dream home. Won't happen for me, but I can live vicariously thru you :)

frances said...

Hi it all looks so nice,,,my office is a big mess...usually all the time...maybe thats why I never go in there hum I wonder haha. Can I ask you where you got the large map on the wall I love it..Cheers Frances